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January 2003 Club Meeting Minutes

The following club members were present:
Rob A. Paul B. Pat B. Michael B. Tom C. Mickey G. Brad L. Mike McM. Gary N. Troy O. Andy O. Robin O. Dale R. Brent S. Kevin S. Jeff S. Craig S. Chris T. Bill Y.

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

  1. Jim Haynes has dropped out of the club due to work reasons. This leaves us with an open spot.
  2. Dave R. is next in line since he was a past member, then his son Zack, and 3rd in line is Mike B's friend.
  3. Whitefish is on the list for state waters next year (2004)
  4. The alternate's tournament was changed to pool 8.

Vice President�s Report: (Robin Olson)

  1. Letters have been sent to all sheriffs departments for permits.
  2. Robin is working on lining up some gifts for the Banquet.
  3. We need to send a letter to Exude, from the club, thanking them for all their donations for the casting kids event. No one volunteered to do this. If someone has time, please contact Robin. Would like letter to have our logo on it. Contact Robin for more details, name, and address of the person to send letter to.

Secretary/Treasurers Report: (Patrick Bisek)

  1. Mike D. purchased the wife's/significant others gift. Our cost was around $100, gift retails around $200. Paul has the gift, since Mike will not be at the banquet. Thanks Mike!
  2. Currently at 28 paid members, with one open spot and arrangements made with the last unpaid member.
  3. Payment was due last night for the banquet. I only received about half of the payments as of last night.
  4. Our current balance is $2,769.03
  5. I thought there was a problem with our payment to ESPN productions, but Paul & Dale reassured me that they are always behind on depositing checks.
  6. In the next month, we will owe money for the banquet, ma bass, & fed dues for those that paid late.

Web Master: (Mickey Goetting)

  1. No report.

Special Projects: (Bill Young)

  1. Bill discussed purchasing jackets. He sent out an email with links on where to buy jackets. If you are interested, you are to purchase your own and bring them to the February meeting. He will take them to the embroidering place and plans on getting them back by the March meeting. The same goes with shirts, buy your own and bring to the February meeting to get embroidered. The jackets are about $25 and embroidering is an additional $25 (approximately).
  2. It would be nice if we could put a link on the website for where to buy jackets and shirts. Kind of our own shopping mall for club jackets & shirts.
  3. The banquet is all set. Food is ordered. You can make changes on your order up to the last day.
  4. Casting kids event was one of the best ever. 134 kids total. There was a little paperwork problem, but Bill did his best to straighten it out. It didn't affect any of the placements. Mainly dealt with what troop number was written on the paperwork.
  5. We will have to go back and do a cast off. There was some discussion. I don't know if a firm date was set?
  6. Does anyone have any pictures from the casting kids event with someone holding an Exude product? If so, Robin would like a copy.
  7. Keeping collecting raffle items.

Data Director: (Cal McCracken)

  1. No report.

Federation Report: (Paul Becka)

  1. Casting Kids finals is March 8th at South Dale Chevy
  2. Alternates Waters changed to Pool 8
  3. Paul signed us up for the Sportsmen show, for the Saturday of. Will have a signup sheet at the next meeting for those interested in helping.
  4. Passed around some info on a Northern bassmasters circuit
  5. Passed around some info on how lead sinkers are affecting wild life
  6. 3 proposed bylaw changes were passed around to vote on. They were�
    1) Allocating additional slots to officers if they made the state tournament, but have to work at it and can't fish. Basically a free pass for them to use in a year they might not make it in the state tournament.
    2) Having the 1st Vice president accompany the Vice President to National meetings with full paid benefits. Reason behind it is to show them the ropes if and when they take over as president.
    3) Last proposal is for reimbursing officers for leaving town plus an additional $120/day to cover lost time of work.
  7. The vote we did last meeting to change the date of membership back a month hasn't passed as of yet, but it's looking as though it will. Not enough votes have been turned in as of the last Fed meeting to officially change the date.

Old Business:

  1. Rob is getting frustrated with Winona farms. Their 2nd cabin is permanently rented to a friend, so they will not commit on us being able to rent it this summer. If we stay here, there will only be 1 shower and 1 cabin.
  2. Rob checked into an alternative. Paul was going to drive over to this new place sometime to see how far it is from the launch site, ect. This new place sounds like it has enough room and plenty of parking, but may be a long drive from the launch site? Cost would be $120/per for 13 people.
  3. A discussion was held on the club subsidizing the cost of the banquet. The total bill will be around $700, which we typically bring in from raffle tickets. The consensus was that we could spend our money in better ways than offsetting the cost of the banquet and so the topic was dropped.
  4. It was brought up that next year we decide where we want the raffle money to go, example: casting kids events, and state this in the raffle letter in hopes more companies donate.
  5. Mike D wanted Paul to bring up the significant others gift. A discussion was held whether those that are not present are eligible to win. A motion was made that significant others must be present to win. 2nd by many, vote taken, and passed. Significant others must be present to win the gift.
  6. With Jim Haynes dropping out of the club, a new Federation rep is needed. Mike B. volunteered to fill the open position. Mike will fulfill the remaining term, which ends at our next elections in October.

New Business:

  1. Spring trip anyone? Discussion on where to go for a spring fishing trip was held. Stockton was brought up. Lake of the Ozarks was also brought up. Troy and Mike McM. were going to look into Lake of the Ozarks as something a little different than before. They are both about the same distance. No date has been set.
  2. The double secret vote for Sportsmen of the year was taken.
  3. Craig brought up a discussion on the club sponsoring a kids bass club. Some of the main points were: 1) Are we willing to support an additional club?
    2) There is a lot of responsibility and time involved.
    3) Do we have enough kids?
    4)How much more involved do we want to get?
    5)We would get national exposure.
  4. It was decided to hold off on starting the kids club this year, but Craig said he would host the family fishing tournament again this summer. At that time we will try to determine if there is enough interest with parents and kids to take this to the next level.
  5. April is open for Education. Dale was going to check into renting someplace with a swimming pool to see how lures run in the water.
  6. Mickey gave a great presentation on the 2002 Stats.
Banquet is Saturday February 8th. Social hour starts at 6 pm. See you then!
Next Meeting: February 27, 2003

February 2003 Club Meeting Minutes

The following club members were present:
Rob, Matt, Paul B, Mike D, Mike McD, Andy, Joel, Mike McM, Robin, Ron, Gary, Dale, Brad, Paul N, Brent, Bill, Mike B, Cal, Kevin.

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

  1. Paul reported that the Casting Kids issues are resolved and all winners have been identified and notified about the State Casting Kids finals on March 8th.
  2. Thanks to Bill for organizing the annual Awards Banquet. It was a great time.
  3. The club is signed up to staff the Federation booth at the Sports Show on Saturday, March 8th. As in the past, we will be given free admission to those who help. A sign-up sheet was passed around and we are still a little weak in the mid-day time period. Contact Paul if you can help.

Vice President�s Report: (Robin Olson)

  1. Robin brought us up to date on the status of the permit process for the coming year. He has contacted all concerned parties and has only received permission from Prior Lake so far.
  2. Lake Minnetonka has charged us $50 and requires that each boater sign a form verifying that the boat is free of exotics such as zebra mussels. Robin passed out copies of the forms and requests that they be returned at the next meeting.

Secretary/Treasurers Report: (Patrick Bisek)

  1. Pat was not in attendance as he and Rusty decided to go to Florida instead. He provided a written report of our finances.
  2. Mailed a check to Robin for $50 to cover the Minnetonka tournament fee.
  3. Mailed check to Mike D. for wife�s gift in amount of $85.19.
  4. All people paid for dinners. The total bill for dinners was $693.65. I wrote a check out to VFW the night of the banquet for this amount.
  5. We brought in $650 in ticket sales from the Banquet.
  6. Current balance is $3,049.72.
  7. I still need to send in dues to ESPN & fed dues for those members that paid late.
  8. A letter was passed around for everyone to list the banquet sponsors. We need to send thank-you letters to them and make sure that they get listed on the website. If you were not at the meeting, get this info to Pat/Mickey/Paul B.

Web Master: (Mickey Goetting)

  1. Mickey was not in attendance. Evidently we have $35 more in cash pending from the Bass Pro connection.
  2. Members are reminded to use the website click-through to Bass Pro when ordering your supplies this spring. We get a cut on the amount spent and it normally is enough to pay for the website charges.

Federation Report: (Mike Breuer)

  1. No report this time. The next meeting is this coming Saturday, March 1st at the Medina.

Special Projects: (Bill Young)

  1. Bill reported that the latest order for embroidery is being sent to C & C by special courier (Paul N). When the final bill comes in, Pat will send a check for the total and each person will be expected to pay the club back promptly.

Data Director: (Cal McCracken)

  1. Cal is now adding �updates� comments to the last page of the personal data sheet. This will make it easier for each of us to keep addresses/phone numbers/email addresses current.
  2. It is time to get your proof of insurance to Cal. Remember, all boaters must have this on record prior to using your boat during club activities.

Education Report: (Dale Richardson)

  1. Our guest speaker for the evening was Steve Hirsch, Deputy Director of the Fisheries Division of the DNR.
  2. He gave a short presentation on the current state of the financial situation at the State level. Fisheries is not as bad off as other departments as most of their funding comes from license fees. The proposal for "no cull" was shelved for the time being. It may come up again some time in the future. He discussed the "limits" proposal that was floated around last year. Since bass are in good shape in Minnesota and there was solid opposition from our organization (the Federation), the idea was dropped for bass. He opened the floor to questions. Several items were discussed. One main topic was how we as an organization can help the DNR gather data for them to help with their studies of lakes and fish populations. We also discussed other ways that we can ease the tensions between the DNR and tournament organizations. He did mention that we as a group are doing a much better job of policing ourselves and their complaints have dropped significantly the past couple of years.
  3. Next month's education topic will be also be a guest speaker. Billy Hildebrandt will joining us and we will most likely have him on at the very start of the meeting, so don't be late.
  4. Billy's Northview Fishing Experience, in conjunction with KFAN and Gander Mountain will be held on June 2nd (Monday). He will be looking for boaters to help with the kids again. Traditionally Sportsmen provides a good portion of the boats and he will be once again, asking us for our support.

Old Business:

  1. State Tournament: Captain Rob has set us up with the Cozy Corner Cottages for this year�s team. They are located located about 20 minutes away (south) from the blast-off site in Winona. We won�t have all the cabins for the entire time, but with our anticipated schedule, it should work out fine as we have all three during the week when we really need them.
  2. Spring Trip: After discussion, the club voted to take the annual spring trip �down south� to Lake of the Ozarks the weekend of April 26th. In the past, a group of guys have convoyed down on Wednesday, fished Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and come home on Sunday. Obviously there are variations to this so you need to pair up with someone with your same schedule flexibility. However it works out, plan on everyone being there for a little fun tournament on Saturday.

    Troy (who wasn�t at the meeting) was supposed to be finding out information on lodging. Dale has some information already and will get with Troy to secure a good place to stay, preferably on the water. We�ll keep you posted.
    A tentative sign-up list was passed around.
    So far this is what we have:
    Dale & Mike McD (leaving Wednesday, returning Sunday)
    Ron & Jeff Gross (guest)
    Mike McMillan
    Paul B.
    Mike D.
    Cal Matt
    Robin (maybe)
    Mike B (?)
    Rob (70%)
    Let Dale know as soon as possible if you are going, who is pairing up, and what schedule you will be on so we can solidify lodging.

    Since this conflicts with the scheduled club meeting, the club voted to change the date of the April meeting to the 17th.

New Business:

  1. Ice-out lake cleanup: We will be cleaning up White Bear Lake this coming Sunday, March 2nd. Plan on meeting at the public ramp at 1:30 PM. It should only take about an hour or two and we�ll probably go for a hamburger afterwards. So far, we have Dale, Bill, Brad, & Andy signed up.
  2. Sportshow booth: See Paul if you can help with the booth on March 8th.
  3. Sportsmen Bassmaster's logo: A new bass club (Wright County Bassmasters) is requesting permission to use our jacket logo. We voted to allow them to use it for a $5 per jacket donation to the Federation Youth program fund.
  4. New member: There is one slot open for new membership. Dave Ramlow was first in line and chose to defer for now. Son Zach was voted in as our 30th member. Congratulations and welcome aboard!
Next Meeting: March 27, 2003

March 2003 Club Meeting Minutes

The following club members were present:
Rob A. Paul B. Pat B. Jim B. Michael B. Mike D. Mickey G. Ron G. Zach R. Brad L. Cal M. Matt M. Carey N. Troy O. Andy O. Robin O. Dale R. Brent S. Kevin S. Craig S. Chris T. Bill Young Guest: Dave R. & Jim B.

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

  1. Introduced Jim Batten (sp) last years State Tournament director who is looking for a club to join.
  2. Billy Hildebrandt was schedule to be the guest speaker, but he didn�t show.
  3. The club sent flowers to Dale�s wife who was in the hospital.

Vice President�s Report: (Robin Olson)

  1. We are set for 3 of the 6 tournaments
  2. Please sign & give Robin the LMC forms he passed out last meeting. It�s for the Lake Minnetonka tournament. Verifying your boat is free of zebra muscles.

Secretary/Treasurers Report: (Pat Bisek)

  1. All members Federation dues have been mailed in. I check with them and they have received them.
  2. All members ESPN production dues have been mailed in. I check with them and they said if they were mailed they should have them and basically not bother them.
  3. I straightened out a problem with ESPN productions.
  4. Received check for Zach�s dues.
  5. If you have other companies that you received donations for the banquet, please get me their name and address so I can send out a thank you.
  6. Current balance is $2,659.73
  7. We should be paid up to date with No bills due or money due in.

Web Master: (Mickey Goetting)

  1. Received a check from Bass Pro in amount of $32.78. Please continue to use the link on our website.

Special Projects: (Bill Young)

  1. No Report

Data Director: (Cal McCracken)

  1. Please contact Cal if you see any corrections that need to be made on the roster or stats.
  2. Boaters, Cal needs a copy of your insurance before the 1st tournament.

Federation Report: (Mike Breuer)

  1. Should have received minutes via email
  2. Quality Inn in downtown Winona is head quarters for State.
  3. Mechanic and prop repair will be on hand during state
  4. Big Brothers and Big sisters are the official Charity for State
  5. Next year St. Louis River and White fish are candidates for state tournament waters.
  6. The bill to ban lead has been pulled from the house.
  7. The bill on no cull has been dropped also.
  8. Need drivers and chase boats for the JR. State tournament on July 29th (Tuesday) on Lake Washington.

Old Business:

  1. Carol w/ the embroidery place called Dale. The jackets and shirt should be done soon. Mike B. talked to her and she suggested we take digital pictures of the shirts to make ordering easier.

New Business:

  1. Paul passed around two ballets to amend the Fed by laws
    o Vote to eliminate the state house board
    o Vote to require all clubs participating in the State tournament participate in at least one youth event and one environment event per year.
  2. Contact Paul if you would like to order any Venem tackle. He is putting together an order.
  3. Dale emailed everyone about a new Sterns order. You can get 40-45% off list. Please see his email or contact Dale.
  4. Billy Hildebrandt take a kid-fishing event is scheduled for Monday June 2nd.
  5. If you are planning on going on the Lake of the Ozarks trip, please contact Dale. So far he has commitments from Mike Mc D., Rob, Mickey, Cal, Matt, Pat, Rusty & Dale.
    o Jim Batten (last years State Tournament Director) is planning on going. He is looking for a partner. Dale can put you in contact with Jim if you�re looking for a partner. He has a boat!
    o The L159 map is the map you need for Ozarks.
  6. A discussion was held about our club working in conjunction with the DNR to provide fishing information. Several emails were sent out last week on this. Basically we challenged Steve with the DNR to use our club for collecting lake data. The DNR looked at our info on the web and liked what the saw. A committee was formed (Dale, Cal, Kevin, Mickey, and Joel). The committee will work with the DNR to figure out what information we need to collect and how to set it up.
Next Meeting: April 17th (a week early due to the Lake of Ozarks trip)

April 2003 Club Meeting Minutes

The following club members were present:
Paul B, Mike McD, Dale, Brad, Troy, Cal, Matt McCr, Paul N, Zach, Mickey, Jeff, Tom, Robin, Mike B, Carey, Rusty, Ron, Mike D, Gary, Rob. Also in attendance, guests Matt McConnell and Jim Battin (2nd visit).

President’s Report: (Paul Becka)

  1. Paul informed us that the VFW is closing down shortly and after the next meeting in May we will have to find another place to meet. If anyone has ideas, speak up.
  2. Due to family reasons, Kevin and Craig have both resigned from the club. We will miss them both a lot and hope that we see them back in with us at some time in the future.
  3. State Tournament slots were announced and we will be sending 11 plus an alternate. With Kevin and Craig out of the picture, here is the lineup as of now:
    Rob Amos – Captain
    Jeff Smith
    Bill Young
    Mike McDonough
    Cal McCracken
    Brad Longerbone
    Paul Becka
    Troy O’Banion
    Dale Richardson
    Joel Smith
    Robin Olson
    Mike D’Aloia – Alternate

    If you are not going to be able to fill your slot at State, let everyone know as soon as possible so the next person on the list can start making plans.

Vice President’s Report: (Robin Olson)

  1. Robin reported that all permits for the club tournament season are in. He still needs the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District forms returned to complete the process for Tonka. Please get them to him if you think that there might be a remote chance that you will use your boat on the water. We need at least 15 forms to turn in.
  2. Tournament packets were passed out for all our events. They include maps to the landing and show times.
  3. Robin reminded everyone that we need to try extra hard to communicate with the other angler and pay their fair share of expenses. It is mandatory for the new guys and highly recommended for the veterans (especially those who haven’t been a non-boater for a while) to review the “Rookie” article before the first tournament. It can be found on the Sportsmen website at www.sportsmenbassmasters.com and the Federation website at www.mnbf.org.
  4. Everyone is reminded that the Deer lake tournament is a tape tournament. Since you have to round the length of the fish down to the nearest mark, you might want to get a ruler with 1/8 increments. If yours doesn’t have 1/8 markings, Dale will scribe them in for you. Just don’t wait until the morning of the tournament.
  5. Cal and Mike D. have volunteered to be on the tournament committee and help Robin with the weigh-ins this year. Thanks guys.

Secretary/Treasurers Report: (Patrick Bisek)

  1. Pat was not in attendance as he was taking care of “wedding business”. Congratulations by the way. He did report in via email.
  2. We have $2,592.51 in the account with no bills to pay or money due in.
  3. He received the embroidery order and gave to Robin to bring in. He will send a check in to Carol and everyone needs to get him a check for their share. Here is what the receipts come to:

    Mike Breuer $99.00 (paid, check #5367)
    Rob Amos $ 3.00
    Paul Becka $15.00 (claims to have already paid Bill)
    Total $117.00

Web Master: (Mickey Goetting)

  1. Mickey reported that we have received about $31 from Bass Pro. If you haven’t already sent in your spring order, make sure to use the click-through from the club website so we get the kickback to the club.
  2. So far, 8 people have signed up for the monthly newsletter.

Data Director: (Cal McCracken)

  1. Boaters, Cal still needs your proof of insurance. Please mail it to him prior to the Deer Lake tournament.
  2. It is time to get your proof of insurance to Cal. Remember, all boaters must have this on record prior to using your boat during club activities.

Old Business:

  1. We voted on the 2004 State Tournament waters. By a margin of 10 to 9, Whitefish won out over the St. Louis River. Mike B. will vote our choice at the meeting on Saturday.
  2. Mickey and Dale gave an update on the DNR data collection project. We have been in contact with the DNR biologist and have set up a website collection screen on Mickey’s website. The next step is to run it by the biologist and get his input. Initially we will be doing this through the club only and after the bugs are worked out, we will expand out to other clubs. Dale will brief the Federation at the meeting on Saturday.

New Business:

  1. Mickey presented the 2002 “Wheaties Box” framed picture to Dale.
  2. Paul led a discussion on how we manage the waiting list for new members. All agreed that we need some governing language in the bylaws so everyone is treated fairly. Paul will draft up a couple of options and present them to us at the next meeting. If you have suggestions, get them to him ASAP.
  3. With the resignation of Kevin and Craig, we now have room for two new members. Dave Ramlow and Matt McConnell were voted in to the club. Welcome guys. That puts Jim Battin at #1 on the waiting list.


Partner draw for the Deer Lake tournament:
Rob   Ron
Mike B
Cal   Brent
Mickey   Matt McCo
Mike D   Bill
Troy   Chris
Brad   Zach
Pat   Matt McCr
Robin   Tom
Dale   Mike McM
Paul   Mike McD
Check-in time is 5:30 am. Ease off at first safe light.


May 2003 Club Meeting Minutes

Members Present:

Rob A.����������������������� Paul B.����������������������� Pat B.����������������������� Rusty B.����������������������� Michael B.

Mike D.����������������������� Mickey G.����������������������� Cal M.����������������������� Matt M.����������������������� Mike McD.����������������������� Carey N.

Troy O.����������������������� Robin O.����������������������� Dave R.����������������������� Zach R.����������������������� Dale R.����������������������� Chris T.

Bill Young

Presidents Report (Paul Becka):

  • Two guest � Don Newtson (sp) & Craig Strom
  • This will be the last time we will have our meetings at the VFW.� They are tearing the building down.� We have two alternatives for now.� Both have meeting space that we can use for free.
    • South town bowl on 494 & Penn or
    • David Fongs � which isn�t a guarantee if they have a party going on in the room.
    • Dale mentioned that he talked to the VFW.� They are moving to 84th & Lyndale.� They said we are welcome there once they are setup.
  • If you have free time, please sign up for these.� Paul has more information
    • Bill Hildebrand�s 16th Annual North View Fishing Experience is Monday June 2nd on Lake Minnetonka.�
    • Ron Schara is hosting a kids fishing school.� Check w/ Paul for dates and more info.
    • Take a kid fishing deal going on June 21st, in Spirit Lake Iowa hosted by Hank Parker.� Paul has more info.

Vice Presidents Report (Robin Olson):

        Robin needs at least 15 forms filled out for Lake Minnetonka.� As of now, he doesn�t have 15.� If you have a boat and haven�t filled one out, please do so.� Even if you don�t plan to use your boat.� Just so we have enough for the 15 boats we will have for the tournament.�

Secretary/Treasurers Report (Patrick Bisek):

  • Current balance is $2,629.51
  • I owed money to one person and several people owed me money, which was all taken care of at the meeting.�
  • I owe $30 total to ESPN productions for the two new guys.
  • I mailed a check for the embroidery work done.�
  • Big bass pot is $60 per tournament ($2 per person)

Internet Director (Mickey Goetting):

  • Mickey did some updates to the website.�
  • Should be getting check from Bass Pro in amount of $50.42.� Already have over $24 banked since they cut the last check.� Keep using the website to order.� This is paying for the website.

Special Projects (Bill Young):

No Report

Data Director (Cal McCracken):

        Needs data sheets from 3 people from the deer lake tournament.�

Federation Report (Mike Breuer):

        There are 6 positions opening up for 2004.� President, VP, Treasure, Conservation Director, North Region & South Region Directors.

        Ranger will probable be the boat sponsor again next year?

        Berkley Big Bass forms are on the Fed website.

        Whitefish Chain was voted to be 2004 TOC waters.

        You can advertise your business on the TOC Fed website.� Money goes to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Winona.�

        Some changes to TOC rules.

o       If an alternate is needed to replace a team member, the alternate will be designated as a boater or non-boater based on what the team member they are replacing was designated

o       There must be a replacement alternate worker and that person can be a member, friend or family member of the club (not required if the team has 2 or less members)

        2003 Junior Invitational will be held on Forest Lake, June 20th.� Need boaters and volunteers.�

        2003 State Junior Tournament will be on Lake Washington, July 29th.� Need boaters and volunteers

        Votes for the 2 proposals brought in at the last meeting were counted. Out of 47 clubs, only 22 submitted ballots. The ballot counting is being held until the remaining clubs have submitted their ballots.

        More information can be found in the minutes emailed from the Fed Secretary.

Old Business:

        For new club members signing up after the April 1st cutoff date, dues are less the $50 owed to the state federation.� This affects the two newest members, Dave & Matt.�

        Update on DNR project.� Mickey emailed everyone forms to fill out.� One is a tournament form and other is recreational form.� Difference is the tournament form has space for you to enter the lures used.� The DNR isn�t interested in this, more so the quantity and quality of fish in the lakes.� Please fill these out and keep them for now.� Mickey is in process of setting up a website to enter information.

        Paul discussed how to administrate our waiting list.� Paul wrote up a by law and passed out copies.� Dale made a motion to pass the membership by laws, 2nd by Mike � Vote passed.� Craig Strom is #2 on our waiting list based on the new laws.

        Mike McD. brought up blast off at tournaments.� This last tournament was a little messy.� No one knew what order they were or who they were taking off after.� Robin said he would make up numbers to give to everyone so we don� t have this confusion.

        Dale mentioned that the official time should be based on GPS time.� If you have a GPS, the time should be accurate.� That way everyone knows.

        A discussion was brought up on having a family tournament like last year.� Craig Strom said he would help organize it with the help of the club.� Bill, being special projects coordinator, will help setup the event.� Date is Sunday, August 3rd.�� The club mentioned sponsoring the event via money.��

        Cal brought up a discussion on the point system.�

o       Boiled down to if you can break a tie with big fish or 2nd big fish, break it.� If not, then points are added together and split.�

o       Mr. Bass points.� Basically if it is a club sponsored or Federation sponsored event, you get points.�

New Business:

Boater/Nonboater For Whitefish Tournament

#����������������������� Boater����������������������� Non Boater

1����������������������� Rob A. ����������������������� Mike McM.

2 ����������������������� Bill Y.����������������������� Matt McConnel

3����������������������� Paul B.����������������������� Zach���������������

4����������������������� Troy����������������������� Matt McCracken

5����������������������� Cal����������������������� Mike McD.

6����������������������� Brad����������������������� Andy

7����������������������� Pat B.����������������������� Ron G.

8����������������������� Dale����������������������� Robin

9����������������������� Dave R.����������������������� Jeff S.

10����������������������� Mike B.����������������������� Mickey

11����������������������� Rusty����������������������� Tom C.

        We changed the location of the blast off.� It is now on the southwest side of Cross Lake.� Near Echo Island.�

  • Mike D. is having a retirement party on June 13th, noon, at Thomas Lake Park.� Everyone is invited.


June 2003 Club Meeting Minutes

Members Present:

Rob A., Paul B., Pat B., Rusty B., Michael B., Mike D., Mickey G., Ron G., Matt McCo, Cal M., Mike McD., Paul N., Troy O., Dave R., Zach R, Dale R., Brent S., Jeff S., Bill Y.������������

Presidents Report (Paul Becka):

  • Paul has plaques for those who placed in last 2 tournaments.� Pick them up from him.
  • This is the one and only time we will use South Town Bowl for meeting place.� They want $300 to use their facilities.� So we need a new place.� Bill is going to talk to Gary and or David Fongs, to see if we can hold it there.� The VFW should be moved into their new location by September.� The plan is to go there when they are ready.�
  • Directions and firm meeting location will be sent out via email before next meeting.�
  • Dale is going to track down the VFW to see when they are opening up and if we can still use their facilities.
  • Good turn out with the Bill Hildebrand�s 16th Annual North View Fishing Experience.

Vice Presidents Report (Robin Olson):

  • Received enough forms to turn in for Minnetonka.
  • City of Orono is charging us $50 for us to have a weigh in.� Pat sent check to Robin.
  • Costing us $100 to hold a tournament on Minnetonka.� May have to consider this in the future.

Secretary/Treasurers Report (Patrick Bisek):

  • Mailed check to Robin ($50) for Minnetonka weigh in permit
  • Paid Brad $60 for big bass
  • Current balance is $2,472.51
  • All bill�s paid and nothing due

Internet Director (Mickey Goetting):

  • Some updates done on web
  • Bass pro owes us $27.� YTD total from bass pro is $92.42
  • Costing us $78 to host website.� Bass pro link is paying for website.�
  • Keep filling in forms on the website for both tournaments and recreational fishing.

Special Projects (Bill Young):

  • Bill is working with Dale on Rules for the Family tournament.
  • Date is Sunday August 3rd.
  • Club is going to put up money for the event.

Data Director (Cal McCracken):

  • Stats are up to date with the exception of the Forest Lake Junior Tournament

Federation Report (Mike Breuer):

  • No formal report
  • Paul mentioned there was a double secret meeting, but could divulge anything on the meeting.
  • Troy asked if there was anyone else not receiving Bass Times?

Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • A discussion on our weigh in bags was held.� Bags have holes, no water with the fish, etc.� We would like to put water back on the fish after they get weighed in.� When you take them from the scale back to the lake. Fish eat up the oxygen in the bag with in 2 minutes.�
  • Mike McD made a motion that the club disperses funds to purchase 12 good weigh in bags and 6 buckets to hold water.� 2nd by many, vote taken and passed.�
    • Pat B. to purchase 12 bags and 6 buckets from bass pro.�
  • Robin is to make a decision on what bags to use.� That is, for guys who have their own bags, can they use them to bring fish to the weigh in or should we only use the bags the club purchases.
  • Pat to put Sportsmen�s Bassmasters on the bags to ensure no one walks off with them.
  • A discussion about launch times was held.� The tournament paperwork only has a time for boat check in and blast off is first safe light.� Has no firm time for blast off.� It was mentioned that we should have the firm blast off time, � hour after boat check in time on tournament paperwork.� We can blast off early if all are in the water early.� If not, we wait till the set blast off time.� Then we go, with or with out the last person.� Robin, being tournament director, needs to make a firm decision on this.
  • Paperwork dead line for State is coming up soon.� We haven�t heard anything from the Federation.� Paul is going to contact the tournament director and see what�s going on.�

Draw for North/South Center�

Boater������������������������������������������������ NonBoater

1��������������������� Brad L.����������������������������������������������� Ron G

2��������������������� Dave R.����������������������������������������������� Carey��������������������������

3��������������������� Cal ����������������������������������������������������� Jim B���

4��������������������� Mickey������������������������������������������������ Tom C������������

5��������������������� Rusty��������������������������������������������������� Chris T.�����������������������

6��������������������� Robin�������������������������������������������������� Matt McCo�����

7��������������������� Rob A.������������������������������������������������ Brent���

8��������������������� Troy���������������������������������������������������� Mike McD������������������

9��������������������� Dale���������������������������������������������������� Gary����������������

10������������������� Mike D.���������������������������������������������� Andy���������������

11������������������� Bill������������������������������������������������������ Paul N.������������

12������������������� Paul B.������������������������������������������������ Mike McM�����

13������������������� Pat������������������������������������������������������ Zach����������������

14������������������� Jeff S.�������������������������������������������������� Matt McCr������������������������������

15������������������� Mike B.����������������������������������������������� ---�������������������

  • Next tournament will be hot.� Please bring salt and ice.� Robin and Dale both have extra salt for those that don�t have any.� Please get some from them prior to blast off.� Need to do a better job of keeping these fish alive.

July 2003 Club Meeting Minutes

Members Present:

Rob A.������������ Paul B.������������ Pat B.�������������� Rusty B.���������� Michael B. ������ Tom C.

Mickey G.������� Matt McCo����� Cal M.������������ Matt McCr.����� Gary N.����������� Carey N.

Troy O.����������� Robin O.��������� Dave R.����������� Zach R������������ Dale R.������������ Brent S.

Jeff S.�������������� Chris T.����������� Bill Young�������

Guest: Kevin S., Jim B., & Matt

Presidents Report (Paul Becka):

  • Paul introduced Matt H. who is looking for a club to join.�
  • Paul received a letter from Ma Bass, for the people we signed up at the Sports show.� Pat is to fill out the letter and mail in to get our $30 for signing people up to BASS.
  • Thanks to Robin for all the work in getting permits for tournaments.� They made a difference as to the tournament on South Center; where there were suppose to be 3 other tournaments on same day as ours.�
  • Jay Green, Federation President, is to be sending out an email.� Look for more details in his email.�

Vice Presidents Report (Robin Olson):

  • We are officially set for all tournaments.�
  • Robin would like the blast off numbers back if you still have them.�
  • Disused the reason for the blast off numbers.� Would like people to line up prior to blast off and show number to the boat that is letting guys go.� This last blast off was a little hectic.
  • Weigh in went ok.�
    • Still too many dead fish.�
    • If you need salt, Robin has some.� Should use approximately 1/2 lb of salt (about 1 cup) twice per day.
    • Please try to take better care of the fish.�
    • We need to put dead fish into something rather than having them lie out in the open for everyone to see.� Not good PR.
  • Pat should have received a check from Gander Mountain.� This spring had a function where 10% of the sale when to a club of choice.� Robin was going to check on this as Pat has yet to receive a check.

Secretary/Treasurers Report (Patrick Bisek):

  • I purchased weigh Bags from Bass Pro.� Price was $11.99 each, with shipping & Handling the total came to $206.00.
  • I still need to pickup buckets for weigh in.�
  • Club sent Chris Tope and his wife flowers for their new baby.
  • Current balance is $2,206.51.
  • Received $2 from last tournament for big bass (guest of Mike B.) and Mickey gave me 2 checks ($27.27 & $50.42) from Bass pro.�
  • Will owe money for the family tournament and State tournament soon.

Internet Director (Mickey Goetting):

  • Nothing new on website.
  • Have $18.42 coming from Bass Pro.� Total is $105 YTD earned.
  • Have almost all the data from Deer.� � data from White fish.� Please get Mickey your info.
  • Have about 60 recreational reports so far on the web.�

Special Projects (Bill Young):

  • August 3rd is Family Tournament.
  • Dale and Bill have been discussing this.� They decided that the entry fee would be a dish to share at the picnic.� The club would pay for meat, buns, drinks, etc.�
  • Bill is trying to contact Craig.� Has a few questions on where he got the medallions at and if he had any by laws written up from last year.�
  • Bill will send out email as to all the details.

Data Director (Cal McCracken):

  • No report

Federation Report (Mike Breuer):

  • No report

Old Business:

  • No old Business

New Business:

  • Discussed how much we should give the State Team.�
    • Dale made a motion that the club fund the State Team $750 and that the Alternate stay for Free.� 2nd by many, motion passed.
  • Robin brought up that the new plaques are too small.� Paul mentioned he was running out of them anyway, and will get more.� If anyone needs the main plaque contact Paul.� For new guys, the club picks up � the cost for the 1st one.� After that it�s your expense.
  • Cal brought a discussion on the Stats.� Currently we have 18 ties.� Ties are broke by big fish.� It was discussed that ties be broke by total weight rather than big fish.� This mainly affects the final ranking.� This topic was tabled until next meeting.� If you have any input, please email it to Cal.� We will discus it more at next meeting and make a decision.�
  • Mike B. brought up the idea of having a tournament for guys who don�t make it to State.� Any interest, please contact Mike B.


���� Boater�������������������������������� Non boater

1.      Cal������������������������������������ Tom C

2.      Jeff S.�������������������������������� Brent

3.      Rob����������������������������������� Gary

4.      Mike D.���������������������������� Mike Br.

5.      Bill������������������������������������ Matt McCr

6.      Robin�������������������������������� Chris T

7.      Mickey������������������������������ Andy

8.      Brad���������������������������������� Matt McCo

9.      Dale���������������������������������� Ron G.

10.  Paul B.������������������������������ Jim B.

11.  Rusty��������������������������������� Carey

12.  Pat������������������������������������ Mike McD

13.  Troy O������������������������������ (Tentatively Matt H. this month�s Guest) *

* We can�t schedule a guest to fish in a tournament.� They are only allowed to fish at the last minute as long as no one backs out.� If someone backs out then Troy will be fishing with the partner who backed out.���

  • Lakes for Mystery Lake Tournament (West)
    • Waconia
    • Sylvia Twin
    • Sugar
    • Washington Stella (By Dassel)
    • Maple
    • These lakes are officially off limits as of Monday July 28th.
  • Kevin brought up that we should meet at the Perkins in Chanhassen, off of Hwy 5.� He has hit them up the last few years for donations.� We haven�t made a decision as of yet.� But wherever we go, we need to call and make sure they are open.�

Next Meeting is Thursday, August 28th at 7:00 pm at David Fongs

Next Tournament is: Sunday, August 17th at Lake Minnetonka.� Maxwell Bay

August 2003 Meeting Minutes

September 2003 Meeting Minutes

October 2003 Meeting Minutes

November 2003 Club Meeting Minutes

December 2003 Club Meeting Minutes