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January 2001 Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Becka at 7:13pm.
The following club members were present:
Mike M., Mike D., Dale, Kevin, Carey, Jim, Rusty, Joel, Ron, Robin, Paul, Troy, Brad, Travis, Rob, Bill, Brent, and Jeff
Guest�s present: Al Valencour, Andy Olson and Pat Bisek

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

1. First order of business was to have everyone turn in their secret ballet for the �Sportsman of the Year� award.
2. Held a vote to reinstate Al Valencour as a club member. Vote passed, welcome aboard Al.
3. Paul informed us that Craig Strom will be rejoining the club this year.

Vice President�s Report: (Mike McDonough)

1. Mike received all the brass plates for this years tournaments.
2. Mike is going to make reservations at a hotel in Balsam Lake for the first tournament. If you�re interested let Mike M. know
3. Get your boat insurance in to me when you can and prior to our first tournament.

Secretary/Treasures Report: (Mike D�Aloia)

1. Current balance as of today (26 January, 2001) is: $2217.92
2. Federation dues paid to Dale so far: Dale, Paul, Brad, Cal, Mike D., Robin (Total: $360)
3. Federation dues owed to Dale from members who have already paid: Mike M., Ron, Kevin, Al, Rob, Rusty, and Pat. (Total: $420)
4. Ma-Bass dues paid: Mike D., Paul, Brad, Dale, Cal, Mike M., Ron, and Kevin. (Total: $120)
5. Dues owed to Ma-Bass from members who have paid: Al, Rob, Rusty and Pat.(Total: $60.00)
6. Members who still owe dues: Travis, Carey (My bust), Troy, Jeff, Joel, Bill, Brent, Mickey, Robin ($55.00) and Craig Strom and (Maybe Andy Olson)
7. As a reminder all dues must be paid NLT 01 April, 2001.
8. Jeff gave me the address to refund Scott France $50.00. He couldn�t make the Hawg Hunt.

Data Director: (Bill Young)

1. Bill passed out new club rosters.
2. Bill received two boxes of Bass Club Digest. Bill let everyone pick up a copy if they wanted one. Made a suggestion that we send $1.00 for each club member to Bass Club Digest to help offset the cost of shipping.

Special Projects Coordinator:(Joel Smith)

1. Joel has everything set for our banquet on the 3rd of February.
2. Be prepared to pay at the door. The prices are: Prime Rib, $15.55, Chicken $12.95 and Fish $13.95.
3. Joel will also be selling raffle ticket at $1.00 for one and 6 for $5.00. He will also be handing out one ticket for each spouse (no cost) for their door prize. (Spouse�s do not have to be present to be eligible)
4. The banquet will be held in the upstairs banquet room this year.
5. Dale passed around the sponsor sign up list. If everyone hits up a few of these sponsors we will have another great raffle, similar to last year.
6. Joel offered to pass out flyers to other clubs throughout the year to try and get some support for our Hawg Hunt tournament.
7. Dale recommended that we try and get cooperate sponsorship for the Hawg Hunt by selling advertisements on our flyers. Keith Larson from Bass Anglers Club (Last year's Hawg Hunt winner) mentioned to Dale that this was what their club does and it brings in the BIG BUCKS.
8. Jeff recommended we increase the entry fee to $100.00 per team.
9. Al, speaking from experience, also recommends we use sponsors and provide a payout. He mentioned that this would bring in more competitors.
10. Joel would like three (3) extra club members to volunteer to help with the Hawg Hunt.

Web Master: (Mike McDonough)

1. Mike setup the new web site and asked the club if they would be willing to refund his expenses.
2. We will have the new web site available for the next year. When it come time to renew the contract the club will decide if the wed site was beneficial and if we should renew the contract.
3. Dale mentioned that this might be a problem in the future if the funds are not available.
4. Robin made a recommendation that we do a year to year review.
5. Jeff wanted to know what the goal of the web site was and how it is going to benefit the club.
6. Mike D. made the motion to refund Mike M. for his expenses for one year and at the end of the year we conduct a review to see if the web site was beneficial to the club. The motion was second and the vote passed. Refund for $237.40 was paid to Mike M.

Federation Report: (Dale Richardson)

1. Dale passed out the minutes from the last Federation Meeting.
2. Jay Green will not be moving and will remain as president.
3. The Fed. will be sending in another order for anyone wanting a LPG 2000. The price is $350.00 almost half the market value.
4. Al (State Tournament Director) mentioned that Squaw Point changed their name to Ernie's(Gull Lake State Tournament check-in)
5. Dale congratulated Al for winning the first Larry Peterson �Papa Smurf� award.
6. Dale discussed the proposed bass limit change from 6 to 4 bass. It was recommended that each of us contact your local representatives and the DNR and express your concerns about this change. Do not mention that you are a member of the Federation or Bass Club and what ever you do don�t mention anything about tournaments. Currently there is no scientific evidence to support reducing the limits.

Old Business:

1. Kevin found a place for the state tournament members for $175 a week. He will reserve 5 rooms for the club. Good Job!

New Business:

1. Troy found a fishing log that he could down load for about $50.00. If you�re interested see him.
2. Rusty was trying to find out how to get club shirts. Discussion was held and several club members said that they would look around to see if they could locate some.
3. Dale volunteered to place a club jacket order if anyone was interested.
4. Paul received a State Tournament Stats book dating back to 1975.
5. Pat Bisek was voted in as a new member. Welcome aboard.

Next Club Meeting will be held on 22 February, 2001.

See ya all at the banquet.

Mike D.


February 2001 Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Becka at 7:05pm.
The following club members were present:
Mike M., Mike D., Paul, Brad, Dale, Andy, Kevin, Tom, Carey, Robin, Bill, Rob, Travis, Pat, Rusty, Troy, Jim, and Cal
Guest�s present: Jason Dudek and Tom Montague

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

1. Paul gave the �New Guy� speech and introduced Jason and Tom.
2. Paul thanked everyone who participated in the banquet setup and organization.
3. Reminder to everyone, the April club meeting will be held on the 19th vice the 26th due to the Stockton trip.

Vice President�s Report: (Mike McDonough)

1. Mike has set up a link to the Bass Pro Shop. When anyone uses this link to order items they will receive a 5% discount on their purchase.
2. He is also looking at linking up with Amazon.com, which would offer a 3% discount, and Cabela�s. The banquet pictures and award winners will be posted on the web site next week.
3. Get your boat insurance info to Mike M. prior to our first tournament.

Secretary/Treasures Report: (Mike D�Aloia)

1. Current balance, including last nights deposits: $3120.65 2. I owe Dale $660 for federation dues and Ma-Bass $135. This will be paid at our next meeting after I collect the dues owed. We currently have 6 past members who still owe dues for either full or associate status. I predict we should have a balance close to $2145 after all bills have been paid.
3. I need to know who provided donations for our banquet. If you haven�t already given me this info please provide it ASAP. I would like to get the Thank Q letters out as soon as I can.

Data Director: (Bill Young)

1. The roster has been updated to reflect Pat, Craig and Andy.
2. Please provide any roster updates or changes to Bill.

Federation Report: (Dale Richardson)

1. There was no Federation meeting held during this period.
2. The DNR will be holding several meeting during the next few months concerning the bag limit change proposal. Any club member who attends any of these meetings will receive Mr. Bass participation points. For more information about these meetings contact Paul Becka.
3. If you attend one of these meetings or if you contact the DNR via the web/Internet, don�t use the �T� word (Tournament) in the discussion. We are trying to get the DNR to prove that there is scientific evidence that bag limit reductions are necessary for Bass.
4. March 3rd is going to be a very busy day. 1st the Casting Kids event will be held at the Medina Ballroom. Also, Kevin will be giving a presentation during the Federation workshop on collecting statistics similar to his presentation he gave to our club (1:00). And finally, there will be a Tonka Lake clean up in the morning.
5. The Federation President (Al Smith) will also be in town to present award to the Casting Kids winners and also to attend the Fed meeting.
6. There will be another lake clean up event on the 10th. A reminder to all club members, the Bass Techniques Seminar is also scheduled for that weekend.
7. Paul asked Dale if there was going to be any discussion about separating Large Mouth and Small Mouth during the DNR slot limit meetings. Dale is going to look into it.

Old Business:

1. Dale is looking into ordering new Jackets. The dealer requires a minimum of 4 orders before he will supply us with the Jackets. See Dale if you would like a new Jacket. The prices are: Cloth Style $73 and the Shinny style will be a little less. Dale wasn�t sure.

New Business:

1. Joel has resigned as special projects officer. Anyone who would like to volunteer please let us know or else we will have to vote someone in. No volunteers came forward so we held nominations and Troy and Brad were nominated. A vote was held and Brad was selected as our new Special Projects Officer. Robin has volunteered to provide any help Brad might need.
2. Andy was present for his second meeting and a vote was held to select him as a new Club Member. Vote passed. Welcome aboard Andy.
3. Guest Tom Montague gave a brief on a new product called �Water Brake�. He passed out flyers to everyone and briefly explained his product. He also welcomed any feedback we might have on his idea.
4. Anyone who participates in either the Lake Clean up events or the DNR meeting will receive Mr. Bass participation points.
5. Paul is going to update the by-laws to clarify the Associate Member Status section.

Education Director: (Kevin Siefering)

1. Kevin facilitated a brief discussion on how to fish a hypothetical lake with the conditions he provided. Good interaction between all club members. Good Job Kevin.

Our next club meeting will be held on 22 March 2001.

Don�t forget all dues are due at this meeting.

Mike D


March 2001 Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Becka at 7:02pm. The following club members and guests were present:
Mike M., Mike D., Dale, Brad, Carey, Mickey, Robin, Bill, Craig, Andy, Cal, Pat, Travis, Rob, Paul, Kevin, Rusty, Jim, and Brent.
Guests: Jason Dudek (Second Attendance) and Jim Boettcher (First Attendance)

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

1. Paul introduced new members. (Jim Boettcher and Jason Dudek). Paul welcomed back Craig. 2. Due to our upcoming trip to Stockton our next club meeting will be held on the 19th of April vice the 26th.
3. Make sure you all make the next meeting. We will be picking partners for our first club tournament which will be on Balsam Lake, WI. If you can�t make the meeting and want to be a �Boater� make sure you let someone in the club know or you will automatically be designated as a non-boater.
4. Make sure you get your boat insurance information into Mike M. at the next meeting.
5. Paul would like to submit an article to Bass Digest and will be asking for input later on.

Vice President�s Report: (Mike McDonough)

1. Loon State has scheduled a tournament the Saturday before our tournament on Balsam Lake which is in violation of the Federation rules. Mike M., and Al will try and resolve this situation prior to our tournament.
2. Mike M. has the web site up and running so check it out when you get a chance.
3. So far we have made $34.00 from the Bass Pro Shop wed link. Everyone is highly encouraged to order your Bass Pro Shop stuff via this link.
4. Get your boat insurance into Mike M. at the next meeting.

Secretary/Treasures Report: (Mike D�Aloia)

1. All bills have been paid and our current balance is $2281.09
2. Mike D. recommends we split the Secretary and Treasures position up for next year.

Data Director: (Bill Young)

1. Stats will be updated and out soon.
2. Let Bill know when you have turned your insurance data into Mike M.

Federation Report: (Dale Richardson)

1. The Sterns and LPG 2000 order is in. See Dale if you have ordered one for pickup.
2. The Sportsmen Show could not accommodate the Casting Kids event this year. Several people at the show expressed disappointment because it wasn�t held this year.
3. Dale recommended that club member who participated in the Sportsmen Show and DNR meeting be awarded participation points (2 points for each event). Everyone agreed. Let Bill know if you volunteered for either of these events.
4. Also, anyone who participates in the White Bear Lake clean up this weekend will receive 2 participation points.
5. Our club is the number one club when it comes to Lake choices for tournaments. Loone Lake is in violation of this rule and Mike M and AL will be checking into seeing if they will change their Balsam Lake tournament.
6. The nominations for next years state tournament are closed. The two choices are Mississippi and Pokagama. A vote will be held at the next Federation meeting. You must be present to vote.
7. Sportsmen Lake clean up will be held tomorrow the 24th on White Bear Lake starting at 10:00am. Meeting place (we think) will be at the public access.
8. Good job to Kevin on the presentation he gave at the last Federation meeting.
9. Dale handed out flyers for the Okoboji Open.
10. Dale has the Club Jacket order in. The Satin Jackets are $60.00 and the Poplin jackets are $73.00. If you still would like to order one get with Dale ASAP.
11. Mike M. made a motion to pay Bill $26.00 for the Bass Digest magazines. Motion passed.

Old Business:

1. Mike M. made a motion to review our by-laws. Paul volunteered to bring in a copy of the by-laws at the next meeting for review.
2. Mike M. requested volunteers to act as the tournament committee. Carey, Robin, Rusty and Jim volunteered.
3. Brad went over some of the �Hawg Hunt� rules. He also asked for volunteers to help with the Hawg Hunt. Brent, Dale, and Mike M. volunteered to help.
4. Mike M. suggested we raise the Hawg Hunt entry fee. Discussion was held and we decided to table this until the next meeting.
5. Dale suggested that we try and get donations from area businesses by advertising their names on our Hawg Hunt flyers. The Hawg Hunt committee will take this for action.
6. Craig recommended we guarantee a 1st place prize for the Hawg Hunt. Committee will take for action.
7. Mike M. recommended that we get FULL CLUB participation during the Hawg Hunt tournament. We need all the help we can get to support this effort.

New Business:

1. The Columbia shirts the club wears are in short supply. I gave Paul the names of a local contact to see if we can get more shirts ordered. Paul will up date us at the next meeting.
2. A vote was taken to see if Jason Dudek would become our newest member. Vote passed. Welcome aboard Jason.

Education Director: (Kevin Siefering)

Once again Kevin gave a great presentation on Lake Conditions and lure presentations.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm

Reminder: Our next club meeting will be the 19th of April.

Mike D.


April 2001 Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by the Club President, Paul Becka at 7:10pm.
The following club members and guests were present:
Jim H., Mike D., Mike M., Paul, Rusty, Pat, Carey, Brad, Bill, Robin, Ron, Kevin, Travis, Andy, Dale, Craig, Jason, Cal, Tom, Rob, Brent and second-time guest Jim Boettcher.

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

1. Friendly Chevrolet in Fridley will be holding a Cast Kids event on 12 May. We have volunteered to host this event, but have to wait for the Chevy dealer to decide.
2. Paul had a hard time getting in touch with the Columbia shirt dealers; they would not return any of his calls. So Rusty has volunteered to try and track down a store/dealer that we can order club shirts from.
3. The club needs to vote on the location of the 2002 State tournament.
4. Need to pick partners for Balsam today.

Vice President�s Report: (Mike McDonough)

1. Mike will be moving to Texas soon and has to resign his post as Vice President and we will have to choose a new V.P. today.
2. Mike has 5 rooms reserved for the Balsam Lake tournament and would like the names of the people who wish to use them.
3. Our Web Sit link to the Bass Pro Shop has netted us $79.00 so far. Good JOB.
4. Mike has 2 rooms available for the Okoboji Open.

Secretary/Treasure�s Report: (Mike D�Aloia)

1. Current balance stands at: $2511.09
2. Currently all bills are paid. Jim B. I forget to collect your dues during the meeting. You can pay me at the next meeting or send a check made out to the �Sportsmen Bassmasters� to my home. Amount due $115.00 my address is on the roster.
3. Associate member dues are $25.00 for those of you who have not paid and wish to remain club members.

Data Director: (Bill Young)

1. Bill needs all insurance information from all boaters who have not turned them in yet. 2. Bill needs the names of the people who helped with the White Bear Lake clean up.

Special Projects: (Brad Longerbone)

1. The committee consisting of Brad, Rusty, Dale, and Mike M., had a meeting and came up with some ideas for the Hawg Hunt. Brad passed a flyer around for everyone to look at.
2. They would like to get sponsors to help offset the cost of the tournament. Also they would like to have an 80% payback.
3. Rusty made up a sponsor letter he would like to give to local businesses requesting sponsorship. He passed it around for approval. The club approved the letter and we will start getting them out to local businesses.
4. A vote was taken to approve the entry fee and payout as proposed by the committee. $100 entry fee with 80% payback. Vote Passed.
5. Everyone going to Stockton next week met for a brief meeting when we adjourned.

New Business:

1. Travis made a motion that we come up with a �Most Improved Angler� award to be presented during our annual banquet. Voted on and passed. Paul will come up with the details and make the changes to our by-laws.
2. Club voted on new club member Jim Boettcher Vote passed. Welcome aboard Jim B.
3. State tournament vote was held between the Mississippi River and Pokagama. The River won. Dale will present our recommendation to the Federation this coming Saturday.
4. Mike M. passed out the club tournament rules to everyone. The Balsam Lake tournament will be a tape tournament. Authorized rulers, Golden Rule and Judge. Make sure the tournament direct checks your rulers prior to the tournament.
5. Non-Boaters. Please take the time to work out cost estimates with your partner. Expenses to be shared are boat gas and vehicle gas and anything else you might share during the day, i.e. food, drinks for example.
6. Vote was taken for new V.P. (Robin Volunteered) and was voted in. Congratulations Robin and thanks for volunteering.
7. Robin asked for volunteers for the tournament committee. The following people volunteered to help out: Carey, Jim H., Cal and Travis.

Balsam Lake Draw

Boater Non-Boater

1.Paul Pat

2. Dale Craig

3. Bill Andy

4. Kevin Rob

5. Cal Brent

6. Ron Jim B.

7. Jason Carey

8. Travis Mike M.

9. Rusty Mickey

10. Troy Jim H.

11. Robin Brad

12. Mike D.

Check-in time will be 5:15

Launch will be at 5:45

Mickey, great job on the new Sportsman of the Year Plaque. Mikey looked real good on the front of the Wheaties box.

Our next club meeting will be on 24 May 2001 at 7:00

Good Hunting.

Mike D.


May 2001 Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by V. President Robin Olson at 7:07pm.
The following club members were present: Robin, Brad, Jason, Mike D., Mike M., Dale, Bill, Carey, Ron, Cal, Jim H., Jim B., Mickey, Joel, Pat and Kevin.

Vice President�s Report: (Robin Olson)

1. The Chevy dealers in town do not have any money set aside in their budget to support this years �Hawg Hunt�, but are willing to entertain next years tournament if we get our request in on time.
2. Mickey volunteered and was voted in as the new Web Master. Thanks Mickey.
3. North View Junior High will be hosting their annual �Take a Kid Fishing� event on the 4th of June. Historically we have had a good representation from the club. I look forward to seeing everyone that can participate on the 4th.
4. Due to some miss calculations on the Balsam Lake tournament the standing shifted a little. The final results are as follows: 1st Bill, 2nd Ron, 3rd Troy, 4th Andy, 5th Mickey and 6th Cal. Great job guys.

Secretary/Treasures Report: (Mike D�Aloia)

1. Current balance$2507.09.
2. Monthly expenses: Flowers for Lou Deloach, $43.71
Associate dues paid by Joel, $25.00
MA Bass Dues paid: $15.00

Data Director Report: (Bill Young)

1. A reminder to everyone to make sure Bill gets any changes to your address, phone or e-mail accounts.

Special Projects Report: (Brad Longerbone)

1. Brad received the permits for the Hawg Hunt.
2. Handed out the flyer for everyone to review.
3. All material relating to the Hawg Hunt will be placed on the web site.

Old Business:

1. Thanks to Mike M and Dale for representing the club on Crystal Lake. They had about 8 boats and 40 kids show up. We need to plan ahead for next year and try and get a little more representation.

New Business:

1. Dale volunteered to research and reserve rooms for the 2002 State Tournament.
2. Bill is going to check on ordering Bass Plaques for the club.

Tonka Tournament Draw:

Check-in will be at 5:00am

Easy-off will be at 5:30am out of Maxwell Bay.

*Note: Please let someone know if you are planning on fishing a tournament and are not going to be present when the draw is conducted. We will assume that you are not fishing if we don�t hear from you.

Boater Non-Boater

1. Brad Jim H.

2. Bill Tom

3. Jason Joel

4. Cal Carey

5. Troy Andy

6. Ron Travis

7. Dale Brent

8. Rusty Jim B.

9. Kevin Mickey

10. Mike M. Rob

11. Mike D. Pat

12. Paul Craig

13. Jeff S.

*Jeff Smith if you plan on fishing any tournament this year I need to get your dues paid into MA Bass.

Next Meeting will be 28 June, same time, same place.

Good Hunting

Mike D.


June 2001 Club Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Dale, Tom, Bill, Andy, Pat, Jason, Jim B., Joel, Mickey, Cal, Troy, Paul, Kevin, Travis, Jim H., Rob, & Rusty. Bill brought his house guest Scott all the way from Manchester England to attend our meeting and see how we do things.

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

  1. Paul would have thanked Robin for taking over in his absence last meeting, but Robin wasn�t there so he missed it.
  2. Once again, Sportsmen was well represented at the Bill Hildebrandt Northview Jr. High Fishing Experience. Helping out were: Kevin, Dale, Travis, Mike D., Mike M., Paul, & Robin.

Secretary/Treasures Report: (Mike D�Aloia)

  1. Mike D. was not in attendance, but passed on the following: We have a current balance of $2077.37 with all known bills paid.
  2. A $400 deposit was sent to Larry Becker, new owner of Southwood Resort on Pokegama for the same two cabins we stayed in last time. Looks like we are set for the 2002 State Tournament.

Data Director�s Report: (Bill Young)

Bill emailed the latest stats to everyone. A couple of small errors were noted and corrections have been made.

Hawg Hunt Update:

  1. Brad was not in attendance, but a small discussion was held on getting the flyers out. Jim H. has put them up in several places including Wall Mart in Eagan, the Spur Gas Station on Old Shakopee and all over the Northwest Airlines Maintenance hangers. Everyone is encouraged to do the same.
  2. Paul, Brad, Rusty, and Dale will get together as soon as possible to discuss more formal advertising strategies.

Trophy Plaques:

Paul is taking orders for trophy plaques. For you new guys, the club traditionally pays � the cost of the first plaque. We need a minimum order of 3 or 4 to get the good price. Already signed up are: Cal, Troy, Andy, Jim, Pat, & Rusty. Paul will wail a couple more days so contact him right away if you are interested in getting in on the order.

Club Shirts:

Rusty has not been able to find any source of shirts in the teal color. Columbia is down to four basic colors for their line. The club voted to go ahead with an order of blue color. Rusty still has the list from a couple of months ago, but if you want to be included or are not sure if you are on the list, contact him right away. Cost will be somewhere around $25 each. Once the shirts are in, Dale will send them off for embroidery. Costs for the logo and name are about $8 each. Patches sewed on are about $5 extra (not including the patches).

State Tournament Update:

  1. We have 5 motel rooms reserved for a week. The top 9 active members and one alternate will be representing our club. Right now, the official team will be Kevin, Mike D., Troy, & Robin. Fishing as individuals will be Bill, Brad, Paul, Mike D., and Dale. Rob will be the alternate, with Travis next if one of the first 10 can�t make it. Please let someone know as soon as possible if you can�t make it so the next one on the list has a decent chance to make plans.
  2. Al Valencour contacted Dale and the tournament packets will be sent out sometime in the next month.
  3. Kevin will get together with the team members at the next club meeting.

Mexico Trip:

Troy is putting together a trip to Mexico next winter. If you jump in now, the price is "two for one". See Troy immediately if you are interested.

Paul�s Big Hawg:

  1. Recently at a small secret lake located somewhere in the Southwest Metro area, Paul claims to have caught and released a 7/10 Largemouth bass. No pictures were available so we are still a little dubious as to the authenticity of this fable. He does claim, however, that there were witnesses and pictures were taken which should be in his possession shortly. With this in mind, CONGRATULATIONS ON AN AWESOME ACHIEVEMENT.
  2. For Paul. The person you need to talk to is Jason at Lake Fork Taxidermy. His phone number is 903-765-9999. Check out their website at www.lakeforktaxidermy.com. They are just now putting the finishing touches on the replica for my Florida hawg. Cost for me was $270, which includes shipping and tax. I checked around a lot before going to them and this is a quality outfit at a very reasonable price.

New Business:

  1. "Associate Status":

Dale brought forward a discussion on the associate membership status. The current bylaws and tournament rules were written for a totally different situation than we seem to be evolving to and we need to look at the issue again. After a short discussion, the Bullshit rule was imposed. Paul, Dale, and Bill will get together soon to put together a proposal to bring the bylaws up to date.

Lake Ida Club Tournament: July 15th pairings:

Boater Non-Boater
1. Ron Andy
2. Travis Rob
3. Rusty Mike M.
4. Troy Tom
5. Dale Jim H.
6. Kevin Robin
7.Joel Jim B.
8. Bill Cal (last person drawn involuntary non-boater)
9. Mike D. Craig
10. Brad Pat
11. Jason Mickey

Not fishing are: Paul, Brent, Carey, Al, & Jeff (?)

Show time will be 5:15 AM at the North boat launch area. Launch will be at first safe light or whatever time the Tournament Director decides.

Several people are planning on going up on Friday AM for prefishing so we should get together to share rides/motel room costs.

Lake Minnetonka Recap:

As usual, the recap of the club tournament was very informative and enlightening. After all was said and done, it looks like the pattern was soft plastics close to the bank and/or around weeds. Those that bet on the deep water bite mostly wasted their time.

The next club meeting will be held at the VFW at 7:00 PM on July 26th.

See you all at Ida.

Dale Richardson, standing in for Mike D. who was out defending our country from a Naval invasion in Omaha.


July 2001 Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Becka at 7:13pm.
The following club members were present:
Dale, Mike M., Brad, Carey, Cal, Jim B., Robin, Rusty, Pat, Jason, Paul, Mickey, Andy, Jim H., Bill, Al, Kevin, Rob, Pat, Jeff, Mike D.

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

  1. Paul had the new shirts and plaques to hand out. The plaques for the new members are $25.30. Short sleeve shirts are $31.00 and Long Sleeve shirts are $36.00. If you order have order either one pay Rusty for the shirts and Mike D. for the plaques.
  2. Paul handed out copies of the revised by-laws for each club member to review. The major focus of the change was to basically do away with the associate member status. A long discussion was held with the topic being tabled until the next meeting.

Vice President�s Report: (Robin Olson)

  1. Robin would like some help setting up the weigh station during our tournaments. Members who have volunteered to help please make arrangements to arrive back at the launch site a few minutes early to help set up.
  2. BE PREPARED! If the weather looks like it�s going to get HOT! Prepare your live wells to help keep your fish alive. Water softener salt pellets work well. Also, make sure your live wells are in working order prior to the tournament. And, try and find cooler water to fill your live wells.

Web Master: (Mickey Goetting)

  1. Mickey received a rebate check from Bass Pro Shop for $153.32. So far this year we have made $175.64 from our web-site link with Bass Pro Shop. We need about $20.00 more to break even.
  2. We�d like to get a picture of everyone (Profile) to place on the web-site. Any picture takers in the house?

Special Projects: (Brad Longerbone)

  1. We need to get some new advertising strategies/ideas for the HAWG HUNT. One idea was to place our flyers on trucks at different boat launches.
  2. Discussion was held about putting the tournament rules on the back of the flyers, but we didn�t want to hold up passing out the flyers waiting for that to get done.
  3. So far no one has signed up for the tournament.
  4. If each club member get 3 people to enter we should be able to turn a profit. Start asking around.
  5. Brad asked for a vote to pay for the permits required for the Hawg Hunt. The permit costs are: $150.00 Mound Bay Park permit, $50.00 for the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District and Classic Bass Web-Site link $25.00, Total was $225.00. A vote was taken and passed.

Education Director: (Kevin Siefering)

  1. Kevin would like everyone to provide tournament stats electronically if you can.
  2. So far this year we are ahead in total fish weight per tournament and angler over last year�s weights per tournament. We have 587 lbs. through 3 tournaments. We had a total of 815 last year.

Federation Tournament Director (Al Valencour)

  1. It looks like the Federation is going to permanently lower its dues by $10.00. The word on this will be out later.
  2. The Federation will be looking for help at a Casting Kids event later on this year. Event time and place TBD.

Old Business:

  1. Previously talked about By-law changes. Tabled!
  2. By-law changes will be voted on at next meeting.

New Business:

  1. Due to our next tournament date change (26 Aug vice 19 Aug) a recommendation was made to change the club meeting date to the 30th of Aug vice the 23rd. Vote taken and passed.
  2. Dale volunteered to send our new shirts off to get embroidered. Thanks Dale. Be prepared to pay Dale when the shirts come back.

Big Marine Draw:

Boater Non-Boater

1. Mike D. Robin

2. Joel Tom C.

3. Paul Jim H.

4. Dale Pat

5. Cal Mickey

6. Kevin Andy

7. Bill Al

8. Brad Mike M.

9. Rusty Carey

10. Travis Jim B.

11. Jason Rob

12. Ron Craig

13. Troy

Tournament boat check will be at 5:30am (26 August)

Ease off will be safe light.

Our next club meeting will be 30 August, same time, same place.

Good Hunting��

Mike D.


August 2001 Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Becka at 7:10pm.
The following club members were present:
Mike M., Mike D., Bill, Paul, Brad, Rob, Kevin, Troy, Robin, Carey, Pat, Rusty, Andy, Jason, Dale, Cal, Jim H., and guest Joe Corsi.

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

  1. Paul had Dale introduced new guest, Joe Corsi. Joe is looking to join a club. He is new to the area and would like to fish some of the local lakes. If you need a partner for a day give him a call or e-mail him at: 952-435-5361, e-mail: jvpkcorsi@aol.com.
  2. For the Mystery tournament scheduled for the 16th of September the club will meet at the Perkins restaurant at 55 and 494 at 5:00am. We will draw for partners then. We would like to depart for the lake around 6:00am.
    The lakes picked for the tournament are: Sugar, Silvia Twin, Buffalo, and Waconia. These lakes are all off-limits until the tournament.

Web Master: (Mickey Goetting)

  1. Mickey couldn't make it but passed along the following info.
  2. He has received several pictures from club members and will get them posted as soon as he can.
  3. He will bring his camera to the Mystery Tournament so he can get pictures of everyone to add to the member profiles section.
  4. We are receiving about 12 hits a day on the web site.
  5. So far to date we have earned $175.11 from the Bass Pro Shop, which makes our monthly revenue average $25.02. Our web hosting plan costs us $19.95 a month, so the Bass Pro Shop is paying for our site. Keep ordering guys.

Special Projects: (Brad Longerbone)

  1. So far we have one confirmed entry for the Hawg Hunt.
  2. Brad would like everyone attending the State Tournament to pass out flyers.
  3. We plan on launching at Spring Lake Park and weighing-in at Mounds Park.

Data Director (Bill Young)

  1. Bill brought up the issue of how the points should be awarded if a tie were to take place. According to the by-laws a tie would go to the person with the biggest fish (Top 5 finishers). A vote was taken to revise the rule to read all club members vice the top 5.

Secretary/Treasurer (Mike D'Aloia)

  1. Current balance: $1199.42 Previous Balance: $1988.24
  2. Expenditures: Big Fish, Rob Amos, Big Marine: $40.00
    Hawg Hunt expenses: $248.82
    State Tournament Team Hotel rebate: $500.00

Old Business:

  1. Dale brought in the new club shirts that he had sent out to have embroidered. If you haven't paid him please take care of it as soon as possible. Thanks to Dale for doing all the leg work in getting this done for the club.
  2. Paul brought up the issue of Associate Member status and recommended to everyone present that we review the issue a little more and vote on what would be best for the club. He handed out a list of three choices, (1) abolish completely, (2) Create "inactive" status and (3) Retain/modify associate status (30 members/ 5 associates). A discussion was held on each choice and a final vote was taken. The club voted to abolish the associate status membership effective next year.
  3. Paul will rewrite the by-laws and a vote will be taken at the next meeting.

New Business:

  1. Mike D made a recommendation that the club help pay some of the State Tournament Club Members expenses. Discussion was held and the club voted to pay a total of $500.00 towards the State Tournament participating members to help offset hotel expenses. A check will be given to Team Captain, Kevin Siefering.
  2. Mike D. made a recommendation that we raise the Big Fish pot to $20.00 a year vice the current $10.00. This would get the Big Fish pot up around $100.00 a tournament. Discussion was held and tabled for a vote at the next meeting. (The Federation is expected to lower its dues by $10.00 so our annual cost will stay the same.)
  3. Mike M. made a recommendation to have the club pay for the next awards banquet. Discussion was held and tabled for a vote at the next meeting. (Good idea. The club takes in about what the banquet expenses are in raffle ticket sales.)
  4. Mike M. made the recommendation that we start looking into Banquet sponsors now.
  5. Club Officer elections are coming up soon. Start thinking about your choices for nominations.

Mystery Tournament Boater/Non-Boater line up.

"THIS IS NOT THE TOURNAMENT PAIRING" The pairing draw will take place the morning of the tournament:

Boater Non-Boater

1. Paul Rob

2. Mike D. Mickey

3. Cal Travis

4. Troy Mike M.

5. Robin Carey

6. Dale Craig

7. Kevin Andy

8. Bill Pat

9. Brad Jim. H.

10. Jason Brent

11. Rusty Jim B.

12. Ron

Good Luck and Good Hunting to all State Tournament Participants.

Mike D.


September 2001 Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Becka at 7:13pm.
The following club members were present:
Dale, Mike M., Mike D., Brad, Mickey, Kevin, Pat, Rusty, Jim B., Jim H., Rob, Jason, Paul, Bill, and second time guest Joe Corsi.

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

  1. Paul went over State Tournament results and passed along Congratulations to Brad for his 3rd place finish. Good luck to Brad in next years Regionals.
  2. Paul passed out the Revised Version of our by-laws. A vote was taken and the new by-laws were voted in.

Vice President: (Robin Olson)

  1. Robin wanted to thank everyone who help out at the weigh-in at the last tournament.

Secretary/Treasurer (Mike D'Aloia)

  1. Current balance: $1159.42
  2. All bills have been paid
  3. I will start collecting next years dues at the November meeting

Federation Report (Dale Richardson)

  1. The Federation will resume holding meetings next month.
  2. The Federation will start excepting nominations for Officer positions.
  3. They are going to try and get some funding to help improve their booth for the Sportsmen Show.

Data Director (Bill Young)

  1. Stats have been posted.
  2. Hold your breath because this one�s going down to the wire.

Web Master: (Mickey Goetting)

  1. Bass Pro should be sending us another check for about $20.00.
  2. Mike M. recommended we setup a members only section on our web page.

Special Projects: (Brad Longerbone)

  1. Brad passed out a proposed Pay-Out sheet. The Club voted on paying down three spots.
  2. Dale will be bring the Federation Trailer.
  3. Mike D. volunteered to launch everyone.
  4. Kevin volunteered to MC and Jim B. volunteered to help. We currently have 6 people signed up. Several club members will be fishing with a friend or fellow club member. This is a great idea to help increase our numbers. We need at least 15 boats to enter to break even. If you�re not planning on fishing we will need some help at the weigh-in.

Old Business:

  1. Discussion was brought up about the annual awards banquet. We decided to table the discussion until we voted in a new Special Projects Officer.
  2. By-laws were voted on and passed.
  3. Dale gave a brief background history on prospective new member Joe Corsi. The club voted Joe in as a new club member. Welcome aboard Joe!

New Business:

  1. Officer Nominations: Paul went over the duties and responsibilities of all Officer positions.
  2. Paul made a motion to split up the �Special Projects� duties between Youth/Banquet and �Hawg Hunt�. A vote was taken and passed.
  3. Nominations were taken last night and will be excepted prior to the vote at the October meeting (25 October 2001). The following Club Officer Nominations were excepted:
Office Nomination
President Paul Becka
Vice President Robin Olson
Secretary/Treasurer Mike D�Aloia
Federation Representative> Jim Haynes
Education Director Rusty Bisek and Dale Richardson
Web Master Mickey Goetting
Data Director Pat Bisek
Special Projects/Youth Director Cal McCracken
Hawg Hunt Director Brad Longerbone
  1. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the above offices or would like to nominate someone please provide your input to Paul prior to our next meeting.
  2. Kevin had some concerns about the dates for the State Tournament and how they conflict with the Holiday Weekend. Dale said that he would bring it up at the next Federation meeting.
Washington Lake Draw:
  Boater Non-Boater
1 Jason Mike M
2 Rusty Craig
3 Travis Mickey
4 Brad Andy
5 Troy Joe
6 Cal Jim H
7 Ron Carey
8 Dale Paul
9 Kevin Jim B
10 Mike D Rob
11 Bill Pat
12 Robin  

Check-in time will be 7:30am
Ease-Off will be 8:00am
Weigh-in time will be 4:00pm

Next Club Meeting will be 25 Oct 2001.
Good Luck and Good Hunting
Mike D.


October 2001 Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Becka at 7:12pm.
The following club members were present:
Dale, Mike D., Bill, Brad, Andy, Jason, Tom, Pat, Kevin, Paul, Cal, Jim H., Joel, Troy, Rob, Robin, Carey, Rusty, and Mickey.

Guests: Mike McMillan and Paul Nord

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

  1. Paul introduced our two guests, Mike and Paul
  2. Paul congratulated Bill for his final standing as number one hook in the club.
  3. Thanked Brad for all his hard working in putting together the Hawg Hunt. Good Job!�..�

Vice President�s Report: (Robin Olson)

  1. Robin thanked everyone that helped out at Washington Lake.
  2. We will nominate lakes today for next year�s tournament trail. The vote will take place at our next meeting.

Secretary/Treasures Report: (Mike D�Aloia)

  1. Current Balance: $1524.42 (All bills paid)
  2. Received a rebate check from Bass Pro Shop for $28.75. To date we have received $182.07 from the Bass Pro Shop. � Keep buying items online�
  3. Total profits from the Hawg Hunt: $87.00

Data Director�s Report: (Bill Young)

  1. We had a grand total of 18 Bass caught on Washington.
  2. Final stats have been sent out.

Federation Report: (Dale Richardson)

  1. Dale e-mailed everyone the Federation report. � During the meeting Dale briefly highlighted some of the more pressing issues. Please read the Fed report if you have any questions about what was discussed.

Educational Director: (Kevin Siefering)

  1. Kevin showed a transparency of the clubs improvement over the past 5 years. Some of the more impressive statistics:

  2. - We set a new club weight record of 930lbs
    - We set a new club lake weight record of 205lbs

New Business:

  1. Brad thanked everyone that helped out during the Hawg Hunt tournament.
  2. Mike D. questioned if it was worth the effort to continue holding the Hawg Hunt. This is due to the small amount of profit we have received over the last three years. �Discussion was held and the club decided to see if we could get a sponsor. �If no sponsor could be obtained within the next 2-3 months the club agreed to discontinue the Hawg Hunt.
  3. Mike D. made a motion to raise the big fish pot to $100.00 a tournament. � discussion was held with the club deciding to keep the big fish pot at $10.00 per person, per year.
  4. Club dues are due to the Club Treasurer no later than 20 Dec 2001. � Dues are $115.00 for the year. �Make checks payable to Sportsmen Bassmasters.
  5. Officer elections were held. The final results are as follows:
  6. President Paul Becka
    Vice President/Tournament Director Robin Olson
    Secretary/Treasurer Mike D�Aloia
    Federation Representative> Jim Haynes
    Education Director Dale Richardson
    Web Master Mickey Goetting
    Data Director Cal McCracken
    Hawg Hunt Director Rusty Bisek
  7. The club voted on hold our annual awards banquet on the 2nd of February. Meals will be paid for by club members. Start soliciting for donations now.
  8. Nominations were accepted for next year�s tournament lake schedule. � The following lakes were nominated:
  9. Clear Water Bald Eagle Forrest White Bear Waconia
    Koronis � Horseshoe Rush Tonka Knife
    White Fish Le Homme Dieu Green Long (WI) Tanter (WI)
    Okoboji (IA) Pool 2 Prior Plat Sullivan Silvia Twin

    We will vote one this at the next meeting: 15 November, 2001

Don�t forget your dues!
Mike D.


November 2001 Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Becka at 7:12pm.
The following club members were present:
Dale, Bill, Mike D., Carey, Ron, Mickey, Jim B., Jim H., Jason, Patrick, Andy, Tom, Paul, Rob, Troy, Brad, Kevin, Brent, Joel, and Robin
Returning guests: Paul Nord and Mike McMillian New guest: Scott Frace

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

  1. Paul introduced guests, Paul, Mike and Scott.
  2. Paul is still trying to get a Chevy dealer to sponsor the Hawg Hunt.
  3. All the paperwork from the Hawg Hunt was turned in.

Secretary/Treasurers Report: (Mike D'Aloia)

  1. Current Balance: $1783.17
  2. Year to date: $182.06 from the Bass Pro Shop
  3. Web hosting plan expires Dec 22, 2001. Cost to extend is $167.40 (13.95/month). Vote was taken to renew web site, vote passed.
  4. Due's are due. If you are planning on fishing next year I need your dues by 30 Nov 01.

Federation Report: (Dale Richardson)

No Report this month

Special Projects: (Bill Young)

  1. Sportsmen's annual awards banquet is scheduled for the 2nd of February 2002.
  2. Bill has the menu and everyone needs to select an entr�e. Let Bill know what you'd like to order for you and your spouse/significant other.
  3. Choices: Prime Rib New York Steak Chicken
  4. Start hitting up local businesses (Sponsors) for donations for the banquet. Mike D. will provide a list of past sponsors at the next meeting so we can divide up the areas between members. A list of our sponsors is also posted on our web site.
  5. Mike D. made a motion that we purchase a gift for the spouses again this year. The price is not to exceed $100.00.

New Business:

  1. Lake Vote for the 2002 season: 1. The following Lakes were voted in for next years tournament trail:
    May 19th Tainter Lake WI
    June 16th Le Homme Dieu
    July 21st Knife
    Aug 18th Koronis
    Sept 15th Mystery South
    Oct 6th Clearwater
  2. There was some concern/discussion that the distance we need to travel for several of the tournaments was excessive. Mike D. made a motion to vote on the lakes selected. Vote passed.
  3. The Bass Masters University is back again for next year. The dates are March 23-24, 2002 at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. (612) 341-7024. Price is $100.00 The following Pro's are scheduled to give lectures on their specialties: Denny Brauer, Kevin Van Dam, Woo Daves, Pete Gluszek, Greg Hawk, and Mike DelVisco.
  4. Guests Paul Nord and Mike McMillan were voted in as new club members. Welcome aboard guys.
  5. CHRISTMAS PARTY Where: Bill Young's House When: December 14th Time: 7:00pm Pot Luck: Bring your favorite dish (Wives/Significant others welcome) and BOYB. For planning purposes Bill would like everyone who would like to come to RSVP: e-mail: bill.young@usbank.com or (H) 651-998-0265 Bill will e-mail directions to his place shortly�. Hope to see ya-all there.
Our next Club Meeting is scheduled for 20 December 2001.


December 2001 Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Becka at 7:07pm.
The following club members were present:
Paul B., Mike D., Mike M., Joel, Mickey, Jim H., Rusty, Craig, Brad, Andy, Bill, Dale, Cal, Robin, Carey, Rob and Brent.
Returning guests: Paul Nord and Mike McMillian Guest: Dave Mansell

President�s Report: (Paul Becka)

  1. Paul thanked Bill and Joel for hosting the club holiday party. It was a great time and we hope to do it again next year.
  2. Dale's wife Linda was in the hospital for a few days and the club sent flowers. Dale and Linda sent a very nice thank you card to all club members. Linda is at home recovering from her surgery.
  3. Paul introduced guest Dave Mansell

Vice President�s Report: (Robin Olson)

Nothing new to report

Secretary/Treasurers Report: (Mike D'Aloia)

  1. Current Balance: $2588.17
  2. The club voted on a rebate based on the Federation lowering dues from $60 to $50. All members who paid over $105 in dues will receive a rebate. The rebate will be handed out at the awards banquet. If you are not planning on attending the banquet let me know and I will mail you a check.
  3. Transactions since our last meeting:
  4. Balance as of 12/01/01: $2908.17  
    Dues collected: 12/03/01 - $455.00  
    Flowers: - $45.00  
    Bass National Dues: - $375.00 ($15 x 25 members)  
    Dues collected: 12/20/01 - $210.00 ($50 x 2 members)  
    Fed dues paid to Dale - $300.00 ($50 x 6 members)  
    Fed dues rebate: - $235.00 ($10 x 23 members and $5 to one member)  
    Bass National Dues: - $30.00 ($15 x 2 members)  
    Total: $2588.17  

Special Projects: (Bill Young)

  1. Bill would like everyone to confirm their meal choices for the banquet.
  2. Paul handed out the sponsor request letters. Make sure you have a copy when you are out looking for donations. Most businesses will ask for the letter.
  3. Mike D. passed around a sponsor sign up sheet. If you missed the meeting please contact Bill to get one of the sponsor letters. Start looking for donations now.
  4. (Special note: Andy passed his driver's test!)
  5. Paul volunteered to get the trophies for the awards banquet. Trophies will be awarded as follows: Top six finishers, Big Bass, Sportsmen of the year, and Mr. Bass

Web Master: (Mickey Goetting)

  1. Currently redesigning the web site.
  2. Need to pay for the web site for next year.

Federation Representative: (Jim Haynes)

  1. ESPN bought out B.A.S.S.
  2. Need input on state tournament expenses.
  3. Federation is looking for a youth director.
  4. ESPN is updating format for new web site.
  5. State tournament Alt site not selected yet.
  6. Federation is looking for help at the Sportsmen Show.
  7. Jay Green was re-elected at Fed President and Al V. was elected as V. President.
  8. Federation is looking to purchase a release boat.
  9. Federation is holding a workshop on the 26th of Jan in St. Cloud. Room rates at the Radisson are $79.00 a night. Some of the lectures will cover: Using a GPS, different fishing strategies, and 2 stroke vice 4 stroke engines.
  10. Jim passed around a flyer and sign-up sheet for the Quick Cull system.

Hawg Hunt: (Rusty Bisek)

  1. The club was unable to get a sponsor for the Hawg Hunt.
  2. After some lengthy discussion a vote was taken to cancel the Hawg Hunt. Vote passed. The Hawg Hunt tournament for next year is cancelled.

Old Business:

  1. Discussion was held on what to do with excess dues that where paid. A vote was taken to rebate over paid dues. Vote passed. Mike D. will rebate over paid dues at the awards banquet.

New Business:

  1. Craig Strom volunteered to host a Strom tournament for families/wives/significant others and supply the trophies. (Date TBD) Everyone thought this was a great idea. Details will be discussed later.
  2. Nominations for the following awards are now being accepted:
  3. Broken Tool: (Current holder: Bill)
    Bent Prop: (Current holder: Dale)
    Dirty Sock: (Current holder: Brad)
    Nomination to date:
    Broken tool:
    Brad - Blown motor
    Robin - Blown motor
    Dale - loose wires
    Bent Prop:
    Kevin - Broken Prop at state tournament
    Dirty Sock:
    Jason - Launched at wrong lake
    Mike M., - Placing phone, lunch and other stuff in Travis's live well. (OH YA! Travis accidentally filled the live well)
    Joel - Tackled Ray Scott and Earl Benz in the Bass Pro Shop.
    Jim H. - While pre-fishing, thought it was tournament day and was keeping the fish.
    "Send your inputs to the respective current award holders."
  4. Paul wants to know who is interested in an earl season fishing trip. (Mid April). A majority of the club members liked the idea of going back down to Lake Stockton. Tabled until next meeting.
  5. Discussion was held on holding an end of the year club money tournament in place of the "Hawg Hunt". Detail will be discussed later.
Next Club meeting will be held on the 26th of January 2002.
Merry Christmas and safe holidays to you and your families.
Mike D.