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March 26, 2004
Sportsmen Bassmasters Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Rob A. Jim Ba. Paul B. Patrick B. Mike Da. Dan F. Mickey G. Ron Grav. Matt H. Clayton H. Brad L Carey N. Troy O. Robin O. Zach R. Dale R. Brent S. Chris T. Bill Y. Mike Br.

President's Report (Paul Becka):
- Guest of Mickey was at the meeting Mike Owens
- There was a good show of people at the lake clean-up.
- Bill did bring the beer and coke.

Vice President's Report (Robin Olson):
- All the letters have been sent out for the upcoming tournaments
- Three of the lakes have been set up.
- Members, especially new members are encouraged to re/re-read Dale's article on tournament fishing.

Secretary/Treasurer's Report (Chris Tope):
- Current Balance $1283.06 - I have BASS Federation Supply Order forms, i.e., decals, patches, bags if anybody wants to order.
- Reminder that if your BASS membership has lapsed to re-new.

Internet Director (Mickey Goetting): - The web site has been updated - We currently have $41.79 outstanding with BASS Pro Shops - Reminder was made that for every order placed through our web-site from BASS Pro we get 5% back from BASS Pro.

Special Projects (Bill Young):
- The 3rd annual family tournament is in the process of being worked on. A committee of three persons, Bill Young, Dale R. and Mike Da. will work out the logistics.
- A friend of Bill's brought up the possibility of having a tournament on Mille Lacs Lake out of Fisherman's Wharf. Nothing was set at this time.

Data Director (Cal McCracken):
- One month left to get Cal your proof of insurance, it is needed by the next meeting

Federation Report (Mike Breuer):
- The 2004 alternates tournament will be held on Rice Lake - At the next month's Fed. meeting voting will be held on where to host the 2005 state tournament; Le Homme Dieu or Gull Lake
- On May 2nd the federation will be having a casting kids event with the Minnesota Twins at the Metrodome
- If you have rods that can be donated to the federation or have time available to assist see Dale

Old Business:
- A public reading of the new bill was read at the White Bear Lake Association, concerning the change in fishing regulations on the lake. No comment was made from either the public or from members of the board.

New Business:
- A motion was made and passed for the club to purchase the new Minnesota BASS patches for everyone in the club.
- A discussion was made about placing member participation in the bylaws as a requirement for members to stay in the club. Nothing has been determined at this time. The discussion was chaired
- Todd S. the federation youth director has asked if our club would be willing to have some of the members be �on-call� should he need boats to form a youth club, with two-three other clubs.
- State water goes off limits on the 20th of August - For those going to Stockton there will be a first ever Ranger boat rally occurring in April. Those interested see Mike Battin Education:
- Mickey presented the statistics from the 2003 tournament year. Very good job to Mickey for compiling and presenting the data.

Waiting List for membership: Joel Smith
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