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January 2000




Mike D., Mike M., Dale, Jeff, Wayne, Carey, Bill, Kevin, Tom, Troy, Robin,
Rob, Travis, Rusty,  and Brent.


1. Paul passed out a copy of the current club by-laws and asked everyone to
review them and provide input at the next club meeting.

2. Paul passed around photo engraved plaques to see if we would consider
presenting those instead of trophy's.  Everyone decided it was to late to
get pictures in for the photo engraving so we tabled this idea until later
this year.

3. Everyone present provided input for "Sportsmen Of The Year" award.
(Secret Ballot)

4. Paul introduced Brent, back for second time and vote to become a member.


1.  Get your boat insurance information into Mike.

2. Mike recommended we change our 1st club tournament form the 14th of May
to the 21st because of the conflict with "MOTHERS DAY".  (Great Idea to keep
the peace). A motion was put to the floor, second and pass by a majority of
the vote.

3. Mike made the recommendation that we look at purchasing an electronic
scale.  This will be discussed at the next meeting.

4. Discussion was brought up about the minimum 15" size limit on Bass at
Lake Okaboji. The question, do we want to hold a Tape Tournament, or maybe
have everyone tape all but their big fish and bring it in to be weighed (As
long as it's over 15").  Think about this and be prepared to make a choice
or provide further discussion at the next meeting.

5. I need pictures for the wed-site.


1. Mike passed out a list of past and new sponsors for everyone to take a
look at and possibly take the time to volunteer to approach designated
sponsors for contributions.  (This seemed to work out pretty good
considering the amount of stuff contributed by the sponsors contacted by you
guys and some of the wives.)  Thanks to everyone that took the time to round
up all the neat stuff we gave out.  I figured the dollar amount was close to
if not more then $1000.00.  Make sure you get in touch with me to let me
know who donated merchandise so that I can get out the Thank You letters.

2.  Here's a break down of our cash flow over the past month:


Stamps $13.20
Trophy House $31.95
Bass Pro Weight Bags $41.90
Ma-Bass Dues 7x15 $105.00
Federation Dues 7x60 $420.00
Wayne - Ladies Banquet Gift $98.79
Trophy House $289.79
Banquet Dinner $475.50

Total:    $1476.13


Interest $1.76
Dues 7x115 $805.00
Banquet Dinner $475.50
Door Prize Money Collected $430.00

Total:   $1712.26

2. Our current balance in the savings account is: $1276.13 (No outstanding


1. Dale handed out minutes of last Fed meeting.

2. State Casting Kids event will be Feb 19th, each winner will receive a
$100.00 saving bond and have the opportunity to advance to the regional

3. Still having problems getting a resolution on the SoSpenders.   Update at
next meeting

4. Wayne was formally elected as the Federation State Conservation Officer.

5. State Tournament - Ease Off will be at Spring Lake Park and Weigh-in will
be at Mound City Park.

6. No Federation banquet this year.

7. Currently the only site selected for the 2001 state tournament is the
(Mississippi).  Any recommendations?

8. State Tournament Alternate tournament will remain on Wednesday.

9. Partner course 101.  (Ask Dale in March)

10. Gopher Basemasters proposed doing away with State Alt Tournament.  Any

11. What do you think of changing State Tournament to a tear format?

12. Dale presented an easy way for the club to make some extra money.  Help
set up and tear down the MN Pro-AM Bass Tournament (Formally Silverado)
stuff.  $500.00 a tournament and an extra $500.00 if we hold a Casting Kids
event.  Great idea, voted on and passed by a majority of the vote.
Scheduled for 7 July.

13. Dale invited everyone over to his place for a Super Bowl Sunday Party.


1.  Bill pasted out current member roster and stats.

2.  Went over a list of donations already received for the banquet.

3. Bill mentioned that Warrior Rod's is looking for 2 clubs in MN to
sponsor.  Interested?

4. G-Looms is offering 50% off 2 rods, talk to Bill for more info.

5. Bill Volunteered to DJ for the Banquet.  (Thanks for bringing the music)


1. Banquet is scheduled for the 5th of Feb.  Cocktails at 6:30, dinner at
7:30.  Raffle tickets will be sold by the club treasurer for $1.00 a ticket
or 6 for $5.00.

2. A motion was put to the floor to get a gift for the
wives/significant-other to recognize their support.  Discussion, a vote was
taken and passed with the dollar amount for the gift not to exceed $100.00.
Wayne volunteered to get the gift.

3. A recommendation was made for the secretary to send the minutes out after
the banquet to provide a recap of the banquet.  (Okay'd)

4. A question was brought up about the Bent Prop Award.  Brad was contacted
and agreed to bring it to the banquet.

5. Mike D. made a request for everyone to provide him with a list of sponsor


1. Kevin gave a brief intro on Brent (For new membership).  A vote was taken
and Brent was voted in as a new member.

2. The date for our Annual Hawg Hunt was discussed with the 7th of Oct
selected as the tournament date.


1. The new points system was presented by Bill, Paul, Mike M. and Dale. Each
member received a handout explaining the new system. Discussion was held and
a recommendation was made that we except the new system.  A vote was put to
the floor, second and passed.


1. Kevin handed out extra copies of last months report.

2. Kevin, Rob and Jeff volunteered to give lectures at the Feb meeting.

3. Mike M. gave his presentation on Rod repair,  Travis gave a presentation
on fishing different types of water clarity, and Mike D. gave a presentation
on how to make "Smelly Jelly".


1. The night started out with some great music provide by Nitro/Trition Bill
2. Mike D. sold about $430 dollars worth of raffle tickets.
3. Dinner started on time at 7:30. (Feed back on the dinner, the chicken
wasn't too good, but everything else was okay)
4. After dinner, Paul got up and gave a brief introduction and then raffled
off the first of many door prizes.  The first going to the ladies and was
won by Lisa Olson.  Paul then introduced Mike M. who gave the slide
presentation which was prepared by Dale.  (Great job once again Dale and
Mike M.)  Everyone enjoyed the show.
5. Brad showed up with the Bent Prop which was awarded to Kevin this year,
something to do with Kevin and water in the boat. (Twice)
6. Jeff Smith awarded the "Dirt Sock" award to both Mike M. and Dale for
something that happened up in the White Fish Chain,  the DNR and fishing for
Bass before Bass opener or something like that. The award will be shared,
and spend at least 6 months in each residence.
7. Mike M and Mike D. then proceeded in presenting hundreds of door prizes.
Once again, Joel was the big winner with Mike M, and Wayne close behind.
Tom won the grand prize provided by Makita a drill and saw kit.

Awards went to the following people:

7th place - Dale, 6th place - Jeff, 5th place - Mike M., 4th place - Troy,
3rd place - Kevin,
2nd place - Bill, and 1st place - Mike D.

Bill won the Mr. Bass award and Mike D and Kevin tied for Big Bass.  Mike D
won the "Sportsmen of the Year" award.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck to everyone in the coming

Thanks again to everyone who help with the banquet and a special thanks and
job well done to Wayne for organizing a great banquet.

Our Next Meeting will be on the 24th of Feb.

See ya all there

Mike D.


February 2000


Date: 04 February 2000 (Meeting started at 7:10)


Wayne, Joel, Travis, Brad, Tom, Rob, Kevin, Paul, Mike D., Mike M., Bill,
Jeff, Robin, Troy, Brent, and Rusty


1. Paul thanked everyone who took part in collecting donations for the
banquet and also thanked everyone who participated in making the
arrangements and providing the entertainment, specifically, Wayne, Bill and
Mike M. (Great Job!).

2. Paul made mention that this was a very successful banquet and wanted to
know what worked so we can do the same next year.  Some of the feed back
received: Bill's e-mail campaign and breaking the sponsor list up so that
everyone can participate in collecting donations were two of the more
successful practices we took part in.  If you can think of any other ideas
that might work please pass them along at the next meeting.

3. The club sponsored "Casting Kids" event went well with about 40 kids

4. Paul passed around an order form from "Venom  Lures"  which listed some
good deals on some of the items listed.


1. Get your insurance in.

2. Mike suggested we look into buying a new weight scale.  BASSIN TIMES, had
one listed in the back at a good price, ($275).  During the discussion it
was suggested that we look around town to see if we can find one locally.
Robin made a motion to by one, second, and passed.  Mike M. volunteered to
do the research and purchase a new scale with the price not to exceed


1. All bills have been paid.

2. Current balance in the club fund is $1262.93

3. If we can get the brass for our club plaques Mike D. can get it engraved
at no cost to the club.  Paul said he would check into getting the brass.

FEDERATION REPORT:  (Mike McDonough stood in for Dale)

1. The State Casting Kids event was held at the Maple Grove Community
Center.  They had about 40 contestants and everything went well.

2. The Federation meeting was pretty short (40 minutes) and there wasn't too
much info to pass along.

3. The Federation is planning on bringing in a few guest speakers to make
presentation at the next meeting (March)

4. D.O.T. projects need to be address.

5. The DNR is planning on requiring a permit for each tournament with 30 or
more people attending.  Permits will be around $25.00.  The Lake Shore
Owners are the driving force behind this legislature.  We might need to
start looking at what our requirement for the "HAWG HUNT"  will be.

6. They have added another choice for the 2001 State Tournament.  Currently,
the Mississippi River and Gull Lake are the two choices.

7. The Children's Miracle Network will be holding an event on Aug 21.

8. The Disabled Vets plan on holding a tournament later this year.


1. Bill pasted out current updated roster and stats.


1. Due to the rapid temperature increase the club thought it might not be
safe to conduct a lake clean-up project like we did last year.  Discussion
was brought up about cleaning the boat landings or other similar areas
around lakes in the area.

2. Wayne mentioned three projects the club could choose to participate in
which were; Lake Clean-ups, Adopt-a-Highway program and Adopt-a-Access
program.  Discussion held, motion but to the floor, second and passed.
Further discussion will be held to choose one of the projects.

WEB MASTER:  (Mike McDonough)

1. Mike will be placing our banquet pictures along with our sponsor names on
our web site.

2. Mike mentioned that Net Scape might be having some problems.

3. Our old web site is getting inquires from potential new members.  Mike M.
will get in touch with Brad to close it out.


1. Mike M., How are we going to run the Okoboji Tournament?  We checked the
club rules and if we want to deviate from the club rules we would have to
vote on it.  No motion was made to deviate from the rules.  We will use the
Iowa lake rules when we fish Okoboji.  (15" inch size limit on fish weighed
in) This was agreed upon by all members present.

2. Everyone call Mike M. to remind him to bring his Okoboji map to the next

3. Wayne suggested we get our "Hawg Hunt" tournament listed on the Classic
Bass web page. Kevin and Jeff will bring flyers to the next meeting for
everyone to pass out.

4. The Stockton trip is scheduled for 12-16 April, everyone is invited.  Don
K. is setting it up.  For more info contact Mike M.

5. See Travis if you are interested in ordering a cool club jacket,


1. Kevin, Gander Mountain needs help/recommendations on what to do with
donated change they have collected.  Wayne volunteered to research this and
get back to Kevin.

2. Travis brought up a good point on fare share payment by non-boaters.  Our
current by-laws give a suggested payment.  Due to the increase in gas
prices, this subject needs to be discussed and understood by everyone.
Everyone agreed that a fare share payment should be discussed by
boater/non-boater and a payment agreed upon.

3. Wayne suggested we start looking for a new meeting place.  The current
one is scheduled to be replaced by a runway later this year.  HELP!

4. Robin brought up the idea of having a Guy/Gal event/picnic.  Great idea
which will be discussed later.

5. Paul went over By-Laws.  A recommendation was made to give Federation
Members 5 extra participation points for the amount of  work they do for the
Federation and club.  Motioned, second and passed.

6. Discussion was brought up on the amount of dues that Associate Members
should pay to remain members of the club.  The amount of $20.00 a year was
voted on and passed by all members present.  Associate Members have until 1
April to pay club dues of $20.00 to the club Treasurer.

7. Tournament Tie Breaker rules were changed, Paul will up-date and pass out
at next meeting.

8. Pairing of contestants rule change, Boaters may only fish along once per
year and new members will not be paired to fish with other new members.
(Voted on and passed)

9. Safety change, the rule about wearing a life vest will be change to read,
engine in gear and boat moving vice engine on. (Voted on and passed)

10. Underwater camera's are not authorized for use during tournaments, but
can be used for pre-fishing.  (Voted on and passed)

11. Pairing of contestants, if you are a boater and do not attend the club
meeting when pairings are picked you will automatically be selected as a
non-boater unless you inform a club member of your intentions prior to the

EDUCATIONAL REPORT:  (Kevin Siefering)

1. Kevin gave a great report on fishing strategy.
2. Jeff followed with his report on Non-boater fishing strategy and the
pro's and con's of fishing out of the back of the boat.  (Great job!)
3. And Rob gave an interesting and informative report on how weather affects
fishing patterns.  This was some great info.

Thanks to all our presenters!


This might change if we can get Billy Hilderbrandt  as a guest speaker.  I
will call everyone if this happens.

Have a great month.

Mike D.


March 2000

Date: 22 March 2000 (Meeting started at 7:06)


 Mike D., Mike M., Dale, Bill, Paul, Brad, Wayne, Joel, Jeff, Tom, Kevin
 Robin, Rob, Ron, Travis, Carey, Troy, Brent and Jim (New Member Mickey


 1. Paul introduced Guest Speaker Billy Hilderbrandt

 2. Billy talked about the up coming "Take a Kid Fishing" day on Minnetonka
 scheduled for 5 June, spring and summer patterns on Tonka, helpful tip for
 state tournament.

 3. Paul introduced new guest (Mickey Goetting) and had him tell a little
 about himself.

 4. Paul will be handing out new by-laws at next meeting.

 5. Get your Venom order in today at end of meeting.


 1.  Mike bought new scale for $296.50.  ( 9 Volt Batt attachment)

 2. Mike volunteered to check on getting weight baskets for weighing the
 fish.  Two recommended.

 3. Get your boat insurance into Mike prior to first tournament.

 4. Mike brought up new Iowa lake Bass limit, it changed from 5 to 3.
 Discussion held on changing our Okoboji tournament to a tape tournament.
 Motioned, Seconded and passed.  The club will hold a tape tournament on
 Okoboji with a minimum fish size of 12".


 1. Current balance $1066.43.

 2. All member dues paid, all bills paid, all thank you letters sent to

 FEDERATION REPORT:  (Dale Richardson)

 1. Dale covered minutes from last Federation Meeting.

 2. We voted on changing Fed by-laws to change annual required meetings
 7 to 5 meetings a year.

 3. Our Club voted on holding the 2001 state tournament on Gull Lake vice
 Mississippi pools 4 & 5.

 4. Dale thanked everyone the helped out with the sports show Casting Kids

 5. The state alt tournament is still up in the air on where they want to
 hold it.

 DATA REPORT:  (Bill Young)

 1. The new roster will be sent via e-mail from now on.  (Mailed to those
 don't have e-mail)

 WEB MASTER:  (Mike McDonough)

 1. Mike is working on updating/fixing Netscape


 1. See Travis for Club Jacket orders

 2. Kevin is still working with Gander Mountain on what to do with donated

 3. Kevin is working on the Children's Miracle Network fishing tournament.
 Going to work with Al V.

 4. Kevin is working on getting Flyers out for our annual Hawg Hunt
 tournament.  Mike M. sent the tournament into to all clubs.


 1. Make sure you're here for our next meeting (Partner draw for our first
 tournament on Okoboji)

 2. Discussion held on changing our meetings for the summer to Wed vice

 3. Depending on the number of club members will dictate the number of
 we can send to state right now it's 8.

 4. Discussion held on if we wanted to vote in our new guest.  Motioned,
 Seconded, passed.  New member Mickey Goetting voted in as a new club
 (Paid his dues)

 5. Brad passed out state tournament sked. (Military Bass schedule)

 6. Don K. cancelled the Stockton Trip.  Mike M., wanted to know if anyone
 was interested in going at another time.



 Have a great month.

 Mike D.


April 2000

Date: 27 April 2000 (Meeting started at 7:12)


Brad, Rob, Mike M., Mike D., Mickey, Bill, Kevin, Paul, Dale, Robin, Jeff,
Brent, Wayne, Jim, Carey


1.  Paul introduced Chuck Nelson, Deitz Dittrich, and Tony Atwood from
Mepps/Mister Twister.   Mepps reps gave a sales presentation on EXUDE lures
with the main selling points being:

- Only bait that lets out scent
- Fish hold on to bait longer
- Baits last longer
- Reps handed out samples for everyone!

2.  Paul handed out new tournament rules.  (Everyone needs to review prior
to our first tournament) Missing page two will be given out at Okoboji.


1.  Don't forget to get your boat insurance into Mike.

2.  Rule changes and reminders:

    - Review new rules
    - Must have your life vest on when ever motor is IN GEAR.
    - Non-Boater will be responsible for any and all damages he or she
      my cause to the owner of the boat.
    - The Start/Stop times will be clearly post and put out prior to the
start of
      all tournaments.
    - Prior to the start of all tournaments special lake regulations will
      be covered.
    - For the Okoboji Tournament, there is a 12" limit.  All boater make
      you bring a fish rule.  The ruler will be checked for accuracy prior
      the start of the tournament.  (Tape tournament)

3.  Okoboji Tournament:   Boat Check: 5:15am
  Launch:       5:45am
  Weigh-in:     1:45am


1.  Current balance:  $1012.43

2.  I now have Federation and Bass Masters patches for sale, $3.00 ea.

3.  Big fish in our next tournament is worth $34.00.

4.  We will order 5 new trophy plaques for new and old guys.

5.  Dale, remember to bring brass plates for our plaques over tomorrow.

FEDERATION REPORT:  (Dale Richardson)

1.  Dale posted the minutes on the net so he didn't go into too much detail.
Notes of interest were:

- We will send 8 guys to state and one alt.
- Prior Lake will be the site for the alt tournament.
- 2001 State tournament will be on Gull Lake
- Dale delivered the Rods and Reels to the 6 winning Casting Kids.
- July 6-7-8 on Tonka.  We have volunteered to provide 10 members
              to participate in the Casting Kids events.  Make plans now.

DATA REPORT:  (Bill Young)

1.  Bill posted stats on the net.  Make sure you update any changes to your
phone number and address.  (Check the area codes)


1.  June 5th is the Tonka kids fishing event hosted by Bill Hilderbrandt.

EDUCATIONAL REPORT:  (Kevin Siefering)

1.  Kevin pasted out the "HAWG HUNT" flyers.

2.  Jeff & Mike M. will look into getting our tournament posted in the
Midwest Outdoor News paper.  Advertising is free, but it takes between 30-60
days to get it in the paper.

3.  We discussed future lectures to include the notes taken by Mickey, Mike
and Dale from the Fishing Techniques Seminar.



1.  Oh No,  Wayne is moving!

2.  Mike D. brought up the issue of smoking during meetings and during

-  The people who smoke agreed to smoke at a separate tables during

-  None of the boaters had a problem with people smoking in their
boats during a tournament, but care must be taken so as not to
accidentally burn holes in the boat carpet.  (You break it, you fix it!)

3.  Dale briefly went over tournament rules for the new guys and some of the
rules about paying for expenses incurred by the boater.  Boater/Non-Boater
should discuss the cost of the trip and boat gas.



1.  Mike M. Brent
2.  Kevin Tom
3.  Wayne Mickey
4.  Dale Travis
5.  Bill Paul
6.  Mike D. Rob
7.  Brad Joel
8.  Troy Rusty
9.  Robin Jeff

Good Luck and Good Hunting

See ya on the water........

Mike D.


May 2000

Date: 25 May, 2000  (Meeting started at 7:15)


Mike D., Mike M., Dale, Robin, Joel, Ron, Kevin, Brad, Mickey, Bill, Wayne,
Rusty, Carey, Jim

Presidents Report:  (Paul Becka)
Vice President Report: (Mike McDonough)

(Paul couldn't make this meeting so Mike M. stood in for him.)

1.  Mike handed out the new by-laws

2.  Reminded everyone the MN PRO AM Fishing Tournament is scheduled for 7
July.  We need to make sure we have 8 volunteers to help out.  We will make
$1000.00 for our efforts.  The times are 7:30 to 5:30 on Lake Minnetonka.
The exact location will be put out later.

3.  Mike clarified some of the club rules:

a.  Both team members must be seated any time the BIG MOTOR is in gear.
b.  You must be off plain before you enter a NO WAKE ZONE
c.  You can not pass  in a NO WAKE ZONE (Tournaments only)
d.  Before you have your fish weighed you must inform the tournament
director if you want to have a courtesy
                 check done on any of your fish.
e.  New Rule, weigh-in will be in order the same order as easy-off.  1st
out, 1st to weigh-in and so on.
f.  You and your partner will always be within sight of each other and your
g.  You can not cull a DEAD FISH.

Secretary/Treasures Report:  (Mike D'Aloia)

1.  Our current balance is $981.43, we paid out $34.00 to Wayne for big fish
and collected $9.00 for Fed patches.

2.  Location for future club meeting was discussed.  We will be able to use
the current location for about the next 18 months so we decided to table
this issue until it becomes necessary to find a new place.

3.  I still need some plaque plates so I can get them engraved before our
next tournament. (Right now I need one more to have a complete set for the
next tournament.)

Federation Report: (Dale Richardson)

1.  Dale hand out the long awaited Sterns Life Jackets.  For anyone
interested, Dale has three extra Life Jackets and he's offering them up to
our club first.  Price is $74.00.  See Dale if you're interested.

2.  Reminder to all club members, Bill Hilderbrandt is holding his kids
fishing outing on the 5th of June.  Club members who wish to participate
must be at the Excelsior Bay Marina NLT 9:30 and should be over around 1:00

a.  Bring two extra rods for the kids to use.  (Nothing to expensive)
b.  Make sure you have enough life jackets
c.  Assume the kids have never fished, so be patient
d.  A first aid kit might not be a bad idea
e.  Lunch will be provided at the Marina upon your return
f.   Gifts will be provided by Berkley and Gander Mountain
g.  You might want to bring some bait (waxies or worms) in case you come
across some sunnies.

3.  New state wide lake tournament law became effective today.  Only two
tournaments a month per lake will be allowed.  You need to get a permit
before holding any tournament on any lake from now on.  (WE NEED TO GET ONE

Data Report: (Bill Young)

1.  The new point standings are now in effect.

2.  Bill e-mailed the stats out to everyone and brought extra copies for
those of you who don't have e-mail.

3.  The new point system will be used to calculate our standings for the
2001 state tournament.

4.  We will no longer have a category for best partner.

Educational Report:  (Kevin Siefering)

a.  Kevin passed around the data sheet he made up with the results of the
Okoboji Tournament.  He also handed out data sheets to be filled out to
those participants that didn't fill there's out during the pre-tournament

NOTE:  These data sheets are pretty important.  Kevin spends a lot time
compiling this data and gives a great presentation at the end of the year.
It's worth it to take the time and accurately fill them out and get them
into Kevin as soon as you can.

b.  Thanks go out to Kevin for ordering all the Gamble stuff for everyone
and Dale for the time and effort he put into getting the Sterns Life

Next Tournament:  Clear Water Lake

When: June 18 (Father's Day, My anniversary)

Time:  Boat Inspection and check-in - 5:15am

Ease Off:  5:45am or as soon as we are ready and everyone is present. (Safe

Boater Non-Boater

1.   Mike D Carey
2.   Kevin Rusty
3.   Brad Ron
4.   Mike M Tom
5.   Dale Joel
6.   Jeff Jim
7.   Paul Mickey
8.   Bill Rob
9.   Robin Travis
10. Troy Brent
11. Wayne

There was no other OLD or New Business to discuss and the meeting adjourned
at 9:40

Our next Club Meeting will be held June 22, same time, same place.

Good Hunting, Be safe

Mike D.


June 2000

Date: 22 June, 2000 (Meeting started at 7:15)


Mike M, Dale, Mike D., Robin, Bill, Paul, Joel, Rusty, Rob, Tom, Kevin,

Presidents Report  (Paul Becka)

1.  Once again, we have volunteered to support the MN PRO AM fishing
tournament scheduled for Friday, the 7th of July.  We must have 8 club
members present to help support this effort.  Please contact Paul if you are
planning on showing up.   Paul also has directions on how to get there.

Time: 7:30am to 5:30pm

(This is going to net us $1000.00 for the club, help if you can, early or
late, you don't have to be there for the entire day.)

2. We have been doing business with the Trophy House for several years and
the customer service we've received has been less then adequate.  Is it time
to start looking for a new place to purchase our plaques, trophies etc; ?
Paul is going to look into it.

3.  Joel wanted to thank all club members for the flowers we sent for him
and his dad.  For those of you who weren't present at the meeting, Joels dad
had one of his kidneys removed and Joel was slated to be a donor if needed.
As for now, his dad is doing okay and a transplant is not necessary.  Thanks

4.  Jeff applied for a permit for our "Annual Hawg Hunt" tournament.

5.   The DNR will start accepting applications in September for next years
tournaments.  We need to start thinking about that soon.

Vice Presidents Report (Mike McDonough)

1.  Mike M needs help setting up the weigh-in stuff at the end of our
tournaments.  If you signed up as a member of the tournament committee or
get in before everyone else, help Mike get set-up.

2.  At our last meeting we made a decided to conduct our weigh-ins, 1st our
1st to weigh-in, we've since decided to conduct weigh-ins by who's ever
ready can weigh there fish in.  (Don't wait if no-one is in line)

3. FISH KILL.  Things to do to prevent inadvertent fish kills.

   a.  Add ice or cold water to your live well
   b.  Get your fish to the weigh-in 1st and ASAP
   c.  Add salt tablets to your live well
   d.  Check out you equipment (pumps) prior to the tournament
   e.  Fill your live well in deep water before you start fishing, if you

Secretary/Treasures Report (Mike D'Aloia)

1.  Current balance: $918.43

2.  Money paid out:  Flowers   $35
                              Big Fish  $36

Federation Report (Dale Richardson)

1.  No meeting held

2.  Dale has a couple of Sterns Life Jackets for sale, call him if you're

Data Report (Bill Young)

1. Stats e-mailed out and available at the meeting.

Old Business:

1.  Who's on the tournament committee?

2.  Someone bring trash bags to the next tournament......

New Business:

1.  Steve Hansen?  Dale take for action

( I can't remember what this was about )

Chisago tournament pairings:

Boater Non-Boater

1. Travis Rusty
2. Paul Rob
3. Ron Jim
4. Jeff Carey
5. Troy Joel
6. Mike M Brad
7. Kevin Robin
8. Dale Tom
9. Bill Mike D.


Good Luck

Mike D.



July 2000

Date: 27 July, 2000 (Meeting started at 7:10)


Dale, Mike M., Troy, Mike D., Brad, Paul, Robin, Mickey, Carey, Kevin, Rob,
Ron, Rusty, Joel, Jim, Bill, Ron

Presidents Report (Paul Becka)

1.  Paul forked over the check we received for our volunteer work.  Easy

2.  The pictures from the tournament will be posted on the web site.

3.  The volunteers had their hands full with all the Casting Kids who showed
I think the total number came to 3. (THREE)

4.  We are on the list to do it again next year.  Great way to make some
easy dough.

Vice Presidents Report (Mike McDonough)

1.   We need to pick lakes for the mystery tournament.

2.  We need to draw for Knife lake.

Secretary/Treasures Report (Mike D'Aloia)

1.  Current balance:  $1850.43

     Monthly Transactions:  RCVD $1000.00 MN PRO AM
   -36.00 Big Fish Chisago
                           -36.00 Big Fish Knife

Federation Report: (Dale Richardson)

1.  Everything went well at the State Tournament planning meeting.

2.  We need a new Special Projects member to organize clean-ups at our
tournaments.  (Wayne will stay on as the Fed Rep for now.)

3.  Tonka and Prior Lakes are off limits from the 18th of Aug through 1

Old Business

1.  Robin volunteered to replace Wayne as our special projects rep.

2.  Wayne will not be able to fish the state but he will remain as the Fed

3.  Lakes for our Mystery Tournament will be:  Big Marine
        Bald Eagle

4.  These lakes are off limits from now until the tournament.


Boater: Non-Boater

1.  Kevin Jim
2.  Jeff Travis
3.  Paul Joel
4.  Dale Brent
5.  Ron Rusty
6.  Mike D. Brad
7.  Mike M. Mickey
8.  Bill Carey
9.  Troy Rob
10. Robin Tom


Jeff Smith - I need your entry form and boat insurance ASAP.
Paul - I have your insurance, but I need an entry form.  Send me your fax
number and I'll get one to you.
Troy - I need your boat insurance.

Good Luck and Good Hunting....

Mike D.


August 2000

Date:  24 August 2000 (Meeting started at 7:12)


Dale, Mike M., Mike D., Robin, Tom, Bill, Carey, Brad,
Travis, Paul, Rob, Troy, Mickey, Rusty, Kevin, Brent

Presidents Report:  (Paul Becka)

1.  After several unsuccessful attempts to get brass plates for our plaques
and other requested items, Paul felt it necessary to terminate our business
with the Trophy House.  He has checked out three other businesses; Crown
Trophy, Minnesota Trophy and Mid Badge Trophy and found that Mid Badge
Trophy has the best to offer.

Vice Presidents Report: (Mike McDonough)

1.   Boater were drawn for the Mystery Tournament, the following club
members are boaters:

Paul, Travis, Dale, Bill, Robin, Jeff, Troy, Mike M., Kevin, Mike D.

2.  We will meet and have breakfast at 5:30 am at the Perkins off of 35E and
county RD E (Vadnis Heights)

3.  The lake, partners and ease off positions will be drawn during
breakfast.  Once again the lake we've chosen are:

     Green, Bald Eagle, Big Marine and Forest

4.  A REMINDER for club members fishing TONKA.......  40 MPH speed
limit...... Don't get caught!

Secretary/Treasures Report: (Mike D'Aloia)

1.  Current balance:  $1850.43

2.  I still need brass plates for the next two tournaments.

Federation Report:  (Dale Richardson)

1.  Dale pasted out the Big Bass forms.  Fill them out and return them to
Dale.  Berkley will send the Big Bass recipients a box of goodies.

Old Business

1.  Discussion was held on if we should spend $100.00 on postage for mailing
out flyers for the "Hawg Hunt" tournament.  A vote was taken and unanimously
passed.  Rusty volunteered to make up the mailing labels several club
members volunteered to get together and prepare the mail-out.

2.  Dale volunteered to e-mail our tournament information to all Federation

Education Report:  (Kevin Siefering)

1.  Kevin made a brief presentation show our current clubs (Overall) weight
standing.  We are currently at a club average of
10.45 lbs and only 15 lbs off of last years total catch and we still have
two tournaments to go.




Good Luck and good hunting.....

Mike D.


September 2000

Date:  28 September 2000 (Meeting Started at 7:15)


Bill, Mike D., Mike M., Paul, Mickey, Kevin, Robin, Dale, Carey, Ron, Brad
and Jeff

Presidents Report (Paul Becka)

1.   Congratulation to Mike M. for qualifying for regional and to the State
Team for beating Legacy.

2.  Paul brought in the plaques ordered by Dale, Brad, Bill and Robin.  If
you still owe and money for these items please pay Mike D. at the next

3.  Nominations for board members will be accepted today, think of who you
would like to represent you and the club for the next year.

Vice Presidents Report (Mike McDonough)

1.  Our last club tournament will launch from Maxwell Bay (TONKA) at 7:45
and weight-in will be at 4:00pm.

2.  Be courteous of dock owners pulling their docks.

3.  Remember the 40mph speed restriction.

4.  Smallies are out of season.

5.  So far we have 14 boats signed up for the HAWG HUNT.  We will pay out
80% down 3 spots.  We have collected $700.00.

6.  Hawg Hunt boat check will be at 7:00 at Goose Island and easy-off will
be at 7:30.  We need someone to bring some pie plates and a black marker.

7.  Jeff will give Robin all last minutes entries the day prior to the
tournament and Jeff will try and make it to the weigh-in.

8.  Make sure everyone signs their release forms.

9.  There was a $50.00 fee we had to pay out for the tournament.  Jeff has
the receipt and will turn it into Mike D. for his refund.

Secretary/Treasures Report  (Mike D'Aloia)

1.  Prior to this meeting we had $1409.28 in the bank.  We paid out $295.64
to  Minnesota Trophies and $34.00 for big fish.

I collected $138.00 for plaques and $700.00 for the Hawg Hunt bring our
current holdings to $2247.28

2.  Mike D. made the recommendation that we open a checking account for the
club.  A vote was taken and passed.

Federation Report  (Dale Richardson)

1.  The first Federation meeting will be Oct 21st at Maplewood/officer
nominations and elections will be held.

2.  We need to decide on our banquet date and time.  Robin will talk to
Terry VFW rep to lock in a date and time.  We all agreed that the 3rd of Feb
would be a good date.

Web Master (Mike McDonough)

1.  Do we want to get our own domain on the Web?  Discussion held.  It would
cost about $35.00 a year with unlimited e-mail.  we could sell advertising
and use it for other things.  Table until we can get more information.

New Business  (No Old business to discuss)

1.  Banquet Awards:

     a.  For the dirty sock award we would like everyone to submit a good
reason why you think someone in the club should receive this prestigious
award.  Submit recommendations to Mike M. or Dale  (Current Awardees)

     b.  For the Bent Prop award we would like the same input as above.  We
have a lot of contenders this year so please provide your comments to Kevin.

2.  Robin recommended that the Hawg Hunt tournament fall under position of
special projects.  Voted on and passed.

3.  Are we looking for new members?  Yes

4.  Bring next years lake nominations to the next meeting. The sooner we get
our selections in the better chance we have of getting first choice or

5.  Gull Lake will host the state tournament and it will be off limits for
club tournaments.

6. Officer Nominations were accepted and will be selected at our next
meeting.  If you were nominated and do not wish to hold a office please
inform Paul prior to our next meeting.  Nominations Are:

President:         Paul
V. President:     Mike M.
Sec/Treasure: Mike D., Joel
Fed Rep: Dale
Special Pro: Robin, Joel, Rusty
Ed Spec: Kevin, Brent
Data Dude: Bill
Internet Dir: Mike M

Last Tournament Partner Draw:

Boater Non-boater

1. Ron Mickey
2. Troy Dale
3. Paul Tom
4. Kevin Carey
5. Brad Rob
6. Jeff Rusty
7. Mike D. Travis
8. Robin Brent
9. Mike M. Jim
10. Bill Joel

Good Luck and Good Hunting,

Next club meeting will be 26 October 2000 same time same place.


Mike D,


October 2000

Date: 26 October 2000 (Meeting started at 7:15)


Tom, Mike M., Kevin, Carey, Mike D., Ron, Paul, Bill, Troy, Rusty, Robin,
Dale, Brent.

Potential new member, Cal McCracken, guest of Brad.

Presidents Report:  (Paul Becka)

1.  Paul introduced guest, Cal McCracken to club members.

2.  Club agenda for tonight:  Officer Elections, 2001 Lake selections, Hawg
Hunt results.

3.  "Hawg Hunt" promotions worked out well and Paul recommended we do the
same for next year. (Maybe start a little earlier with the mail-outs),

Vice Presidents Report:  (Mike McDonough)

1.  Need to do Lake Draw tonight

2.  Who ever is selected as Special Projects Officer will be in charge of
the annual "Hawg Hunt".

3.  Mike wanted to thank Jim for being a good sport by letting Mickey fish
the Tonka Tournament in his place.  Thanks from all the club members to Jim.

Secretary/Treasures Report: (Mike D'Aloia)

1.  Current balance: $1740.79

2.  Discussion was held on whether we should refund teams that paid but
didn't show up to the "Hawg Hunt".  We decided to refund anyone that called
Jeff and let him know that they couldn't make it, prior to the tournament
day.  Anyone who didn't show up on tournament day (Ed Eller) and didn't let
anyone know will not receive a refund.

NOTE:  Jeff, I need the name, address and dollar amount that we need to
refund anyone who called you and cancelled prior to tournament day.  (Mike

3.  Discussion was held and a decision was made to have the Special Projects
Officer in conjunction with the "Hawg Hunt" committee prepare a set of
rules, to include refunds, for next years tournament.

4.  We had a bit of confusion about dates and times for our last tournament.
As everyone should know, we hold tournaments on the 3rd Sunday of every
month with the exception of October which is held earlier due to the change
in weather.  Dale has provided a yearly schedule and will continue to do so.
Mike D. puts a reminder on each copy of the monthly meeting report.  To help
this process and to avoid further confusion, please provide Bill with any
change in your address and/or telephone number, new or changed e-mail
address and  if you have a cell phone and would like the number added to the
roster please give Bill the info.  Thanks!

Data Report; (Bill Young)

1.  Bill passed out stats. let everyone know that the 2001 stat will start
next month.

2.  Bill had some leather repairs done to one of his boat seats and highly
recommends to everyone that if you need any leather, vinyl, fabric & plastic
work done to call "Metro Colormate West" at (612) 201-2459, owner Scott
Nelson, address;

9339 Lake Rd
Woodbury, MN 55125

Federation Report: (Dale Richardson)

1.  Dale passed out the Federation meeting minutes to everyone.  He also
sent them out via e-mail.

2.  The Federation is looking for a new Conservation Officer anyone
interested contact Dale.

3.  This years dues stayed the same and the Federation is sitting pretty
good as far as funding goes. There was some discussion held on whether to
refund MN Clubs due to the surplus in the account.  If the Federation votes
on this topic and it passes the vote, each club will receive a rebate of
about $10.00 per club member.  Go Dale!

4.  We need to look into registering and applying for a Pennzoil
sponsorship.  This is offered in conjunction with our annual "Hawg Hunt"

5.  The Federation is offering some good deals on Hummingbird LCD's and
graphs.  See Dale for details.

6.  Mike M. is coming up with some big changes to the Federation Web site.
Stand By ......

7.  The State Tournament is scheduled for  Gull Lake and the Alt tournament
is scheduled for North Long Lake.  Kevin will look into providing lodging
for the club members going to state next year.

8.  The National Paralyzed Veterans Tournament will be held on Okoboji,
August 11 - 12th.  The Federation is looking for Clubs to help out with this

9.  We need to pay club dues for at least 6 members by 1 Dec 00.

10. The Federation will hold elections on Dec 2nd. All federation member in
good standing will be allowed to vote.

11.  The Federation is planning on having some guest speakers at their March
meeting.  Everyone is invited to attend.  (Lunch might even be included,
free, maybe, I'm not sure... : )

Special Projects:  (Robin Olson)

1.  Robin has confirmed the date for our annual banquet at the VFW.  3
February 2001,  more details to follow.

2.  Paul said he will double check the date by writing a letter to Terry the
VFW manager.  Robin has been having a real hard time getting a hold of Terry
and we want to make sure everything is set for the banquet.

3.  Mike D. is going to start sending out sponsorship letters to local
community merchants asking for donations for our annual banquet.  We are
going to pursue our sponsorship solicitation similar to what we did last
year.  Each club member will be responsible for contacting merchants in
their community.  Last year we collected over $1000.00 in door prizes and
the banquets was a huge success.  Let's try and duplicate it again this

Educational Report:  (Kevin Siefering)

1.  Kevin passed out tournament stat sheets for everyone to fill out.  He
would like for everyone to get caught-up on this years tournament stats.  So
if you haven't filled out a stat sheet for the tournaments you fished this
year take a minute and get your results into Kevin.

2.  Kevin gave a great presentation on Club history statistics.  By the
looks of things we'll all be in the Classic in a few years.  We keep getting
better and better every year.  Good job Kevin......

Old Business:

1.  We need to get sponsorship letters out.  (Previously discussed)

2.  Web site up date.  Tabled until next meeting.

3.  We need everyone to submit recommendations for the Dirty Sock and Bent
Prop awards.  Submit recommendations to Kevin, (Bent Prop) and Mike M. or
Dale (Dirty Sock),

New Business:

1.  Kevin will make accomindations for Gull Lake state tournament (For Club
members going)

2.  Time to make Officer elections and Lake selections.

Officer Elections were held with the following results:

President: Paul Becka
Vice President: Mike McDonough
Secretary/Treasure: Mike D'Aloia
Federation Rep: Dale Richardson
Special Projects: Joel Smith (NEW)
Education Rep: Kevin Siefering
Data Director: Bill Young
Web Master: Mike McDonough

Lake nominations and selections:

Lake nominated were:

Tonka Rush Washington Bald Eagel Tetonka
Balsam White Bear Forest Big Marine Clam
Spirit City Lakes Waconia Prior Green
Spicer Horse Shoe Sugar IDA Pool 2

The winners were:

1.  Balsam Lake (WI) 20 May 2001
2.  Tonka 17 June 2001
3.  IDA 15 July 2001
4.  Big Marine 19 Aug 2001
5.  Mystery West 16 Sept 2001
6.  Washington 07 Oct 2001

3.  Start thinking about a spring club fishing trip somewhere.

4.  Mike M. made a motion to change the award points givent to club members
who work whole day events. If you work an event such as the "Hawg Hunt", for
the entire day you will receive 4 points, if you can only work half the day
easy-off or way-in you will receive 2 points.  Motion passed.

5.  Mike D. made a motion to change our Dec meeting from the 28 Dec to the
21 of Dec.  Motion passed.




November 2000

Sportsmen Bassmaster�s Club Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2000

Bloomington MN VFW


The meeting was called to order by President Paul Becka at 7:05 PM.

Members present were: Paul, Mike M., Bill, Kevin, Brad, Dale, Rob, Travis, and Robin. Prospective member Cal McCracken attended for his second time.

President�s Report.

        Paul reported that the formal letter has been sent to Terry at the VFW, confirming our date of February 3, 2000 for the club banquet.

        Letters have been sent out to all our previous sponsors soliciting donations for the banquet.


        Mike M. gave us a quick update on the latest changes he has made to the website.

 Federation Representative - Dale

        No Fed report due to no meeting in November.

        The next meeting will be held at the Medina Ballroom on December 2nd. Major event will be officer elections. Nominations are still open until the start of the general meeting at 12:00 noon.

        The State Casting Kids finals will be held March 3rd in conjunction with the Federation meeting and workshop. Guest speaker will be Al Smith, the new National Federation Director.

   Everyone is reminded of the Zercom offer. Basically, you can buy a Hummingbird or Zercom depthfinder at a substantial savings. So far, at least three of the club members are signed up for a LPG2000. See Dale if you are interested.

        The Club lake choices for 2001 were emailed to Al Valencour. A hard copy will be given to Al at the next Fed meeting.

        Copies of the 2001 Club schedule were passed out.

 Data Director

        Bill reported that he has started over with the statistics for the new season. Updated versions of the Club roster are available.

        All boaters need to get a copy of their 2001 insurance form to Bill for validation.

 Education Director

        Kevin will lead a discussion group at the December meeting. Topic to follow.

        He reported on his search for lodging at Gull Lake for the 2001 State Tournament. For now, his search has been limited to the resorts on Gull Lake proper and everything is pretty expensive. He will expand his search to resorts off the main lake and report back. The members present authorized him to use his discretion and reserve lodging if he finds a good deal (after confirming with the President). We briefly discussed the option of kicking in funds from the Club treasury to subsidize the State team. This will be discussed again in the future.

 Old Business

        Paul led a discussion on preparations for the spring trip to Missouri. A tentative date has been set for the weekend of April 28/29. Since this is the same weekend as the April meeting, the members present agreed that a move of the meeting to the 19th would not be a problem. We will discuss this further.

        Mike M. led a discussion on the possibility of spending more money to register a website domain name and expanding the website. Our current deal (free) severely limits our ability to do extra stuff with the site. Costs would average about $250 per year. After discussion, we agreed to do nothing now and let Mike check into it more before we commit that much money.

 New Business

        Paul led a discussion on the Club finances and what to do with the money.

   Consensus was to go slow and not count on all the big bucks in the future. Since our surplus this year is due to the John Hesse deal (Minnesota Pro/Am) and not having to kick in for State team lodging, we won�t have this luxury next year. It was reported that John Hesse is no longer with the Pro/Am and can�t be counted on to bring us back for the same deal.

        Some of the suggestions for dealing with the surplus were:

1.      Subsidize the costs of the banquet.

2.      Do something special for the spouses/significant others at the banquet.

3.      Sponsor someone to attend the BASS Techniques seminar (banquet door prize).

4.      Donate to youth programs.

5.      Reduce dues (temporarily).

 New Member Vote

        By a very close vote, Cal McCracken was voted in as a new Club member. Congratulations Cal and welcome to the gang.

 Education Segment

        For the second year in a row, Kevin gave us an excellent statistical wrap up of the 2000 Club tournament results.

        With each passing year, it becomes more and more apparent that our system of sharing information and techniques is working. The bag weights that typically won the Club championship just a few years ago barely gets the angler in the top half of the Club now. It is truly amazing and I can�t wait until next year.



The meeting was adjourned at about 9:00 PM.

Submitted by:

Dale Richardson, sub for the real Secretary Mike D who was off playing sailor .


December 2000

Sportsmen Bassmaster's Club Meeting Minutes
December 21, 2000
Bloomington MN VFW

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Becka at 7:10pm.
The following club members were present:

Mike D., Mike M., Ron, Kevin, Robin, Dale, Rusty, Cal, Paul, Troy,
Bill, Tom, and Rob....

Guests: Al Valencour and Rusty's Brother, Patrick Bisek

President's Report:  (Paul Becka)

1.  Paul went over issues for up coming Club Banquet and responsibilities
of banquet committee.

2.  Jeff informed Paul that we have our permit for next years "Hawg Hunt".

Vice President's report:  (Mike McDonough)

1.  Mike M. is still working on getting the club a  web server and has one
identified for about $14.00.

Secretary/Treasures Report:  (Mike D'Aloia)

1.  Current balance: $2365.04
    - Paid our $53.25 to Paul Becka for plaque plates.
    - Current plan is to pay Ma-Bass all dues when the are collected
      ($15.00 per person)
    - Owe Dale $180 for membership dues from Mike M., Kevin and Ron
    - Tom paid associate member dues, $25.00

2.  I will contact Wayne to see if we can get a deal from his Sister on a
jewelry gift for the wives.  Currently we are authorized to spend up to

Data Director:  (Bill Young)

1.  Bill pasted out the new updated Club roster.

2.  Reminded everyone to provide a copy of your boat insurance.

Federation Report: (Dale Richardson)

1.  Dale passed out copies of the Dec Federation meeting minutes.

2.  Federation pass a vote to refund each Club $10.00 per person.
Paul should be receiving a check for $200.00 soon.

3.  LPG 2000 still on sale for $325.00 reg price $600.00.  This is a great

4.  The State Cast Kids event is scheduled for March 3rd.  Everyone is
The Federation is discussing providing lunch for everyone.  Al Smith the
National Director will be present.

5.  There is a big concern hovering over the new proposed Bass limit.
MN Bass limit is 6 Bass (5 during tournaments) and the proposal is to change
it to 3.  Bad news for us.  Dale said that the people making the proposals
clueless and just through Bass in with the rest of the State Game Fish.
More on
this issue to follow.

6.  Federation voted on supplying the Federation Secretary with a new lap

7.  Dale led a discussion on what we should do as a Club for community
this year, ie. Sports Show Casting Kids event,  and Lake Clean-up.  Nothing
decided on during the meeting.

Old Business:

1.  Dates for the Club Stockton trip were discussed and decided on: April
More info on this trip will be discussed the closer we get to April.

2.  Mike D. made the motion to change our April Club meeting to April 19th.
on and passed.  (Make changes to your schedule)

New Business:

1.  Paul introduces past Club Member AL Valencour

2.  AL is currently the Federation Tournament Director and plans on joining
club as a Associate Member.

3.  Paul also introduced Patrick Bisek.

4. Dale brought up a good point on getting sponsors for our "Hawg Hunt".
One of the
other Clubs in the Federation talked to Dale and informed him that they talk
to various
sponsors and charge them for advertise their company/business on their
Tournament Flyers.
They make a lot of money and have a 100% payback during the tournament.
like something we really need to look into.

Education Director: (Kevin Siefering)

1.  One again, Kevin led a great discussion on SLOP FISHING.  We had great
participation and a lot of good info was passed out.

Our next meeting will be held on 25 January, 2001

Merry Christmas to all......

Mike D.