LogoSportsmen Bassmasters


Outside Weedlines

By Dave Ramlow, Sportsmen Bassmasters

Most northern fisherman are accustomed to fishing in and around weeds. Weeds hold baitfish, offer cover, and prime ambush spots. The key to catching fish in weeds is to find the key ambush spots, and put you bait in a spot the bass can�t help but strike. Where are these spots? The outside edge is an obvious choice. Once the bass setup in their summer patterns, many fish cruise the weedlines, waiting for an easy meal. There are few other areas that offer a better chance to hit a school of feeding bass. Find them crank bait, fished parallel along the outside edge. One a hit a fish, make fan casts in the area. Odds are good the bass wasn�t alone. When they stop chasing your crank bait, toss a jig worm or Texas rigged worm to the same area. The bass may have hunkered down, but will still be willing to inhale a subtle offering like soft plastic. You may also want to flip a heavy jig right into the thicker clumps of weeds in the area. Sometimes the bigger fish in the area will be tight inside these clumps, and will hit a jig & frog with a vengeance. Look for other changes, such as rocks running out from the weeds, inside turns, and of course points.